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    Hai~ Its me, Javy.​

    A lot of people know me on this server as ive been here for a while
    but if you dont then... Hai~ My name is Javier and im Puerto Rican.
    My name on the server is JavierTheFox and my favorite pokes are zangoose, groudon and fennekin.
    I used to be an omni-sub a while back but i resigned because i was too busy to maintain my rank and i left the server for a little but, but i will never truly leave this server as i like to think of it as a safe space and theres a lot of people here who make me happy and i try to repay it in dank memes (you know who you are)

    Anyway im 16 and about to turn 17 in jan 11 and i am currently enrolled in online school and ive been taught like this since 8th grade where i made the decision because of school bullying from teachers and students.
    I want to become a psychiatrist... wait i should probably start being productive and stop writing this then.. oh well it will probably work out. :p
    I currently have a hobby of making meme parody songs and when i get on teamspeak people always tell me to play tony t.... dont ask what that song is about you will know if you get on.
    And thats about it... what else is there to know... uh... i stutter while writing sentences.
    Oh well, im bored so heres a flash fun fact section
    Favorite color: RED
    Favorite animal: Riddik
    Favorite food: Chocolate, I have a mega sweet tooth
    Favorite music: I listen to anything that makes a beat and is catchy... just gonna leave this here

    and heres a picture of me

    my final form.jpg
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