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Discussion in 'Introduce Me' started by Firegirl20, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. Firegirl20

    Firegirl20 Member

    So... I am Queen_Fire_Mew and I kanto is my favorite server on journey :D

    favorite poke: It's obviously mew! I love it's sounds it makes! It's so absolutely adorable!!! Right now, I own 7 mews and own a mew gym in kanto. If you want, check it out!

    Thank you for reading my introduction!
  2. ekeettamaties

    ekeettamaties New Member

    Wow, interesting! Hope to learn more about you on Kanto :)
  3. Firegirl20

    Firegirl20 Member

    thanks for reading my intro! :D

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