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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Joviverde, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. Joviverde

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    Hey, Today (08/30), before reboot, at 11:20 AM - (London time) I had finished my greninja with level 100, 100% evs and the moveset ready. When I came back to the server after reboot my Greninja was level 73, evs 10% and the moveset he had at level 73. Could you help me recover Greninja before reboot? The only print I have is the EVs and the Greninja out of pokeball.

    ~ Sorry for some grammatical error, I'm using google translator ~ unknown (1).png unknown.png
  2. Joviverde

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    My player name is Joviverde btw
  3. Geckomum

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    1. I was Helper on at this time. We tried a number of things like ./hub and return. I traded the mon to me to see if when we traded back it would correct but nothing we tried could correct the situation. whilst I could have provided rare candies to get the level back it would not have recovered the time lost in ev training. I asked the player to log this report and load a screenshot. Not sure what can be done but hope someone can offer assistance. Geckomum
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    Hi Joviverde,

    Unfortunately bugs like these can occur and only an Admin+ can possibly help you recover the Greninja. Although if you only need to ev train the Greninja again i suggest you do that. EV enhancing items such as the Power bracer, Power Anklet, Power Band, Power Belt and Power Lens (which you can buy at /warp pm) speed up ev training. If you want you can use those and ev train him again.
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  5. Joviverde

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    I can do it. But how I get the rare candies i used to level up to 100 back?
  6. Mosapotayis

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