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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Card_Magician, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. Card_Magician

    Card_Magician New Member

    Love the new Gobble Gum added to the game so I'd thought I might tell you what ones I think should be added next:

    - Power Vacuum
    - Fear in Headlights
    - Killing Time
    - Mind Blown
    - Idle Eyes
    - Board Games
    - (And my favorite) Flavor Hexed

    Some of these would be really hard to implement I can see but just a few ideas for in the future.
  2. Candybag

    Candybag Member

    These are from chronicles and may be really hard to replicate because our maps are not all from black ops 3 since I play bo3 and enjoy it so much I completed all the eastereggs I would love to get these added to.
  3. R3DH00D

    R3DH00D New Member

    It would be cool but some are already in there like power vaccume
  4. If they ever make the wunderfizz they should also add soda fountain.
  5. Tom25W

    Tom25W Member Staff Member Admin

    The do it yourself perkaholic

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