Glitch abusing players

Discussion in 'Player Reports' started by NitroTreeper, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. NitroTreeper

    NitroTreeper New Member

    Reporting Playername: NitroTreeper
    Reported Playernames: Nick_D_Cr8ter, Red_Relaxx, fredwado
    What did the reported player do? : Abusing a glitch to make a record setting attempt.
    Video evidence:
  2. NitroTreeper

    NitroTreeper New Member

    Btw, that corner that you can see them standing in makes them immune to zombie damage, pretty much giving them god mode.
  3. vivings

    vivings New Member

    IMO, They should get a warning, when glitches are around, they will be used, it's how people are.
    Cant ban them for a problem with the map, however using it for their advantage should not be allowed.
  4. I agree, banning them isn't really necessary. Though they should receive a warn or other type of small punishment for this

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