Johto Get Rich Quick - New Players Edition!

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    Hey there! I'm Pixel and today I am here with one simple objective... Teach players how to 'Get Rich Quick' now within this guide I aim to both inform and help you understand the current economy within Johto and how it can be used to your advantage to make easy money!

    One of the easiest known methods of making money at a fast pace is by selling Pixelmon Drops. Now, I am not saying that all drops will reward you with a decent sum of money, or any money at all but knowing what drops sell for the most is important!

    Beautifly - Found at /Warp EV to the right in 'Special Attack'
    One of the easiest, reliable sources of making money!
    Now. Silver powder sells for an astonishing $150 each., keep in mind it's pretty rare in addition both string and spider eyes sell for an outstanding $15 each and (I know, it doesn't sound like much... YET.)

    So, let's see here...

    String can drop in 1-3's whereas spider eyes can drop in 1-2's. So let's do a scenario, you kill a beautifly and it drops 2 string and 2 spider eyes. This is already a solid $60 within your balance, 3/5's away from being able to already challenge the flying gym.

    kits! /kit list
    Kits are a great source of money and can be obtained using /kit (name) e.g. /kit monthly (Rewards you with a champion kit) With the loot you get from these kits you can either sell them, or use them and hope that luck is on your side. Champion keys sell for approximately $20,000 to to other players which is an easy 20k when you first log on (Providing you don't want to use that key)

    Donator rank kits Each kit's given loot ranges from the rank, Pro being the lowest and Alpha/Omega being the highest. Not only do these ranks give you additional advantages e.g. a dedicated server slot, some extra commands such as /PC and /Pheal (Depending on rank) but it also supports the upkeep of the server.

    NOTE: All Weekly kits have been added for the appropriate ranks, the store is just outdated in it's descriptions.
    The list of Johto Ranks + their perks/items can be found *here*

    Voting and /Daily!
    Voting and /daily are one of the easiest, effort free methods of getting money / other good rewards.

    Voting both helps you and the server, meaning, it will give you a reward each time you vote, it can range from Pokeballs to money and if you're lucky... to keys.

    /Daily is a systematic rewards system that is almost like a 'Log-in calendar' /Daily consists of logging in for 28 days straight and claiming your rewards, ranging from Rare Candies to $$$! This encourages players to be active and strive on the server without the need of ranks.
    Note: /daily will reset to day 1 if you miss a day!

    Collector - Found at /Warp market to the left.

    The collector, commonly known as the profitable bin to trash your unwanted Pokemon in.
    So, moving on to the most profitable Pokemon obtained within /warp EV!

    Bellossom - Sells for the highest amount: $300
    Catch rate: 7/200 (Ultraballs have a 2x catchrate, making this 14/200)
    Location Found: /Warp ev in 'Special Defence'
    Leavanny - Sells for a moderate amount: $250
    Catch rate: 17/200 (Using an Ultraball makes it 34/200)
    Location Found: /Warp ev in 'Attack'
    Beautifly - Sells for a moderate amount: $200
    Catch rate: 17/200 (Using an Ultraball makes it 34/200)
    Location Found: /Warp ev in 'Special Attack'

    The remaining pokemon are: Raichu, Wigglytuff and Poliwrath which all sell for $25 each rendering them useless in money making.

    Boss Towers / Bosses - Found at /warp boss, /warp boss2 and in the wilderness!

    Boss towers are a great source of loot but mostly comes down to luck...

    The following towers based at /warp boss and /warp boss2 yield both Rare(Yellow) and Legendary(Red) bosses with the occasional Mega Boss too such as: Mega Ampharos (Found at /warp boss2) and Mega Gengar (Found at /warp boss)

    NOTE: Some boss drops are disabled e.g. Dragon eggs.
    The following boss loot is dropped based on the Pokemon's rarity which can be found *Here*

    Tm's: These are one of the more common boss drops and sell from a range of $200-$300 to NPC's.
    Held Items: Another common drop depending on the held item and can be sold for $50-$200 to NPC's
    Destiny Knot: An item used in breeding, this is a very rare drop and sells for $25,000 to NPC's

    So, this concludes the 'Get Rich Quick - New Players Edition!' guide. I hope I managed to help you with this tutorial
    Please leave some feedback/suggestions if I managed to help you or if you have anything you feel that I have missed... Keep on Smiling~ Thanks!
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  2. _Brokencrystal_

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    1. When I first saw the title "Get rich quick" I thought this was spam LOL
    2. Pixelmon Mod Wiki is updated for Reforged, not Generations, and anyway the server has some differences from the mod's base list such as removing the Dragon Egg.
    3. TMs from bosses is not something I've ever heard of or experienced? You can get TMs easily from beating Pokemon with Pickup ability, sure, and you can stack that with boss drops for extra loot, yes, but I've never seen or received any TMs from bosses whatsoever.
    4. You may want to add /kits, /vote and /daily for a little more money/items each day :]

    Otherwise very helpful and good guide, good work ^^
  3. OkeRoy

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    Very useful, although as Ayaka said, there are a few flaws. Try and correct them! Other than that, this can be really handy for the newer players. Good job!
  4. ReformedPixel

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    All corrected and fixed~ TM's do drop from bosses :3 Just not as commonly as one would expect.
  5. Mosapotayis

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    This is awesome! Nice guide ReformedPixel
  6. _Brokencrystal_

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    If it's rare, then, maybe you are thinking of HMs? :u

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