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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Gacy, Jun 4, 2018.

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  1. Gacy

    Gacy New Member

    In-Game Name: Gacy
    Server: Sinnoh
    Date of Ban: idk
    Who you were banned by: Riddik
    Reason of Ban: Using item’s that someone duplicated and gave to me.
    Why you should be unbanned: Sinnoh has been a platform for me to make friends and meet new people, it was a fun server that had made me a lot of memories. I was unhappy with the way a lot of things were going on the server and just got to a point where I stopped caring and stupidy accepted some items that were duplicated, at first I was unaware but when I found out, I didn’t exactly stop using them, and whilst it was just a bit of fun in my eyes, it was incredibly selfish to do such a thing. I appreciate everything Riddik does for Sinnoh and I’m super sorry that I wasn’t the best behaved person around. I would love to still be able to have Sinnoh as a platform to use and love. I obviously won’t be doing anything like that again.
    I was someone who was very vocal about my opinions and love for Sinnoh, it was my minecraft home and my daily go to.
    I would appreciate it if you considered accepting my ban appeal and giving me another chance at what I enjoyed most about Minecraft, well, the only thing I enjoyed about minecraft, and gave me a second chance at proving how much this server meant to me.
  2. Riddik

    Riddik Sinnoh Manager Staff Member Manager

    Appeal Denied - Thred Locked!
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