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Discussion in 'Events' started by SpicyPenguin, May 19, 2016.

  1. SpicyPenguin

    SpicyPenguin Johto Staff

    Hello, everyone!

    As you all have noticed, we've recently moved to our NEW and IMPROVED website but we're not stopping there! We will still be working on fixing and adding new stuff to the website as time goes on but right now, we would like to inform everyone that we'll hosting FORUM EVENTS soon! Just like the events in our own separate servers, the prizes are going to be donation keys. (Champion Keys, Legendary Keys, Aura Keys, and other prizes that we may consider.)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I already have a couple of ideas on what types of forum events that I am going to be hosting. But since we're doing all this for you to enjoy, why not give us some of your suggestions on what type of FORUM EVENTS we should host? These events are all for you guys so we want to host events that you will enjoy and have rewards to go with them as a bonus. I would think of it as a small token of our appreciation for all the support that everyone has been showing for the whole network. Thank you and please leave your suggestions below!

    Kindly indicate the mechanics, how can a player participate / win, rules, and such when you post your event suggestion. (Note: The event suggestions that we'll be accepting are strictly going to be EVENTS that can be hosted in the website and not events such a SPLEEF, KEY HUNTS, etc.)
  2. Shawthing

    Shawthing New Member

    Going to leave a suggestion here of perhaps a screenshot contest. So say there's a theme and players can build / find environments or funny things to screenshot in game that fit the theme and the best representation of the theme wins. I mean there can be restrictions placed, captions etc and there is a fair bit of flexibility and I'm sure there would be people who find this fun with it also being accessible by a large proportion of the community.
  3. Quang

    Quang Member

    I like the previous ones we've done before. Creativity, Art, Guess The Pokemon, etc etc etc. :DDD Super excited!!!
  4. SpicyPenguin

    SpicyPenguin Johto Staff

    Yup, i'll certainly host those again soon. :) Stay tuned!
  5. DHtheGamer5

    DHtheGamer5 New Member

    Maybe we can have a website scavenger hunt. There's a form we have to fill out with questions/riddles and we have to find it on the website and then answer it in the form. Helps people to navigate the website better though we may have to wait for the website's content to be picked up a bit more.
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  6. Jadeite

    Jadeite Unova Manager

    Maybe story contests? Or somefin like various screenshot contests like stuff like, favorite pokemon in pixelmon screenshot, theme screenshots with colors, or coolest biome screenshot??? I like screenshots. Maybe even, make a skin contest?? Like, make a skin to a theme given.
    Or maybe somefin like 'caption this picture' contest, and funniest/most creative caption to the picture wins.
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  7. JakesShinx

    JakesShinx Shinx Collector

    What about something like Create a Pokemon? Basically the Host gives 2 typings. A player then has to come up with a name, move-set and maybe even Stat spread. (would be in the scale of non Legendaries/Seudo's). Players would be given a week or so to come up with idea's, then the judges would pick winners.

    For example: Dark/Electric.

    Name: Hakoda

    Stats: HP: 70
    Atk: 45
    Def: 80
    Sp.Atk: 95
    Sp.Def: 25
    Spd: 90

    Moveset: Thunder-bolt, Hidden power Fire, Dark Pulse, Nasty plot.

    Something like that. Would be nice to see what people come up with.
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  8. Jadeite

    Jadeite Unova Manager

    What about somefin similar to Jake's idea, but the whole team has to have a theme? Like, make a team based off of superheroes, a tv show's characters, or an idea like underwater, mythology, or anyfin???
  9. Quang

    Quang Member

    Let's sing songs together!!! :D
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  10. DrStupid962

    DrStupid962 New Member

    Now that we have a place to write down words, we can finally put text games to use. "Mafia" or "Werewolf" or "Town of Salem" or whatever you want to call it was a popular forum text game with a clear winner and loser, but I assume team based shit is bad when there's a prize. Plus, that game lasts for fucking ages.

    Maybe a game based on that? I feel like actual games would be more fun and engaging instead of the "creativity" games where I have to show off my lack of art and photography skills. Besides, I dislike games that require a judge, where all the winner has to do is appeal to them. Maybe minimize that by making allowing the people to vote? Both of those are susceptible to bias and the like, though.

    A weird forum "I Spy" could be fun, where someone uploads an image of whatever but there's something off with it, and the players have to figure out what that something is.

    If you guys incorporate flash, the door opens to many other types of games.
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  11. Maijstro

    Maijstro New Member

    Maybe hide and seek? :p, well i think everybody knows how hide and seek works but just for the people that dont know :p,
    Hide and seek is a game that people can hide around the map, { maybe the builders can build a map } it can be at spawn or at the mall and at the gyms, my idea was that the seekers would get a leather gear, { maybe a color, but no color that is a pvp kit :D }, people will hide, and the seeker would go and look, and there need to be more rules, but maybe other people would know some nice rules :D
  12. Winglet

    Winglet Priest of Lord Kyuubi|Survival's local Fox

    what about a poetry contest? or writing related?
    im excited to see what people can write and their creativity"!
    with themes for this and stuff
  13. iInfernus

    iInfernus New Member

    TCG Tournament. Really want those since I have a lot of cards. Maybe League of Legends Tournament? I know more than 12 people play League on the Journey Network!
  14. Quang

    Quang Member

    Drawing Contest pleaseeee :D
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  15. WoLfViPeR

    WoLfViPeR New Member

    we should do a building contest or pixel art contest that fits with a theme
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  16. Lavster

    Lavster The Wild Snorlax / Hoenn's Manager Staff Member Manager

    Perhaps a forum version of Pokemon Snap? The player would have to take a picture of a certain pokemon (while on one of the network's servers) and is judged on aspects like creativity, location, etc. Not really much of a suggestion, but would be neat to see something along those lines being implemented :D
  17. Quang

    Quang Member

    Something like this Lav? XD
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  18. Lavster

    Lavster The Wild Snorlax / Hoenn's Manager Staff Member Manager

    :O Yes! xD
  19. AbsolGasai

    AbsolGasai Active Member

    I like 3 ideas mentioned here the most and will list them in order ~
    1. Create a pokemon ~ it'd have to be reasonable and would be placed in ou tier at max
    2. themed snapshot contest
    3. internet scavenger hunt using riddles as apposed to links or suggestions
    any of the former sound great!!! <3 backing them 100%
  20. SoulfIare

    SoulfIare New Member

    I think making use of the mail items by writing clues on them to where the next clue is and eventually leading to the prize would be interesting and fun.
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