Johto Flying Suit Scam

Discussion in 'Report a Player' started by Drake, May 31, 2018.

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  1. Drake

    Drake New Member

    Like about four months ago I made a deal with a player (His nick was ShinySylveon and the IGN:Zane102).
    I give him minecraft accont +a lot of in game money for his flying suit.
    I quit from the server because of the studies and the server wipe.
    I lose my flying suit, so i send massage to the player.
    My conversation with him:

    [29/05/2018 22:16:47] DrakeD | Doron: Hi zane, I buy from you the flying suit if you remmber
    [29/05/2018 22:16:51] DrakeD | Doron: and now the server wipe
    [29/05/2018 22:17:00] DrakeD | Doron: can you join give me it back
    [15:26:22] DrakeD | Doron: ?
    [15:26:42] Zane: It was for the one reset
    [15:26:54] Zane: I won’t be selling my flight suit again
    [15:26:59] DrakeD | Doron: no its not fair
    [15:27:02] DrakeD | Doron: you sell me this
    [15:27:08] Zane: It very much is fair
    [15:27:16] DrakeD | Doron: no
    [15:27:21] DrakeD | Doron: we don't talk about one reset
    [15:27:24] DrakeD | Doron: we talk about the flying suit
    [15:27:26] DrakeD | Doron: and you sell it
    [15:27:36] DrakeD | Doron: so if you not gone give me this back can I get my stuff back ?
    [15:28:03] Zane: I sold it for the items, I won’t be giving the stuff back.
    [15:28:17] DrakeD | Doron: i will report you..
    [15:28:20] DrakeD | Doron: sry for this
    [15:28:26] DrakeD | Doron: but your change the realty
    [15:28:30] DrakeD | Doron: you sell me the flying suit
    [15:28:33] DrakeD | Doron: and the server wipe
    [15:28:37] DrakeD | Doron: so i need to get it back
    [15:28:41] DrakeD | Doron: you don't talk about one reset
    [15:29:07] Zane: Never in thebdeal did we mention you getting it back if the server reset
    [15:29:26] DrakeD | Doron: never in the deal we mention you will not give it if the server will restart
    [15:29:31] DrakeD | Doron: i didn't know the server wipe mape
    [15:29:39] DrakeD | Doron: i was think its all time stay like this
    [15:29:44] Zane: Yeah I won’t give it
    [15:30:02] DrakeD | Doron: so i send report sry for this
    [15:30:22] Zane: It’s a deal that happened in old reset
    [15:30:25] DrakeD | Doron: But I got scamed from the deal
    [15:30:36] DrakeD | Doron: its dosent matter
    [15:30:41] DrakeD | Doron: we talk about selling flying suit
    [15:30:44] DrakeD | Doron: and i buy it
    [15:30:52] DrakeD | Doron: you don't say i will not get it if the server restart
    [15:30:55] Zane: You bought it for that one reset
    [15:30:59] DrakeD | Doron: and idosent know if the server restart or not
    [15:31:03] DrakeD | Doron: i think its all time like he was
    [15:31:23] Zane: Nothing I can do for you
    [15:33:10] DrakeD | Doron: ok i will send report and the administration will decide who is right
    [15:34:13] Zane: Sure lol.
    In my opinion i got scam from a player, Only justice will tell who is right.
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  2. VirtualBrick

    VirtualBrick Member Senior Mod

    I'm not a Johto staff member but I don't think this was a scam. You bought the fly suit and didn't check if the server was resetting. It was advertised for weeks before happening, it's odd that you didn't know about it.
  3. VirtualBrick

    VirtualBrick Member Senior Mod

    Another thing he lost the money he received from you on the server in the wipe also
  4. I'm just wondering whether trading a minecraft account for an in game item counts as real world trading, which (although idk if it is on Johto, however on Kanto) is punishable.

    However, you never specified that it would be forever from my understanding, and he abused that - it seems as if there's nothing that can be done.
  5. IAmR3liable

    IAmR3liable Member

    I am not here to resolve your problem, however, I'd suggest that you avoid doing in game trades, for accounts, in the future. Things can easily go wrong without someone intending it. Apart from that, I'm not sure if there's much you can do about it. It is unfair that you lost the flight suit due to the reset, however, in the first place, you got what you wanted, and they got what they wanted.

    Hopefully a higher staff member on Johto, will be able to resolve this issue. At the very, very worst issue, I'd be able to give you my one.
  6. Drake

    Drake New Member

    It was long before they announced the reset

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  7. Drake

    Drake New Member

    I understand both of us are right but I think my position is stronger
  8. Drake

    Drake New Member

    Many thanks and appreciate it very much, I will talk to you if i will not get my flying suit back <3.
  9. Mosapotayis

    Mosapotayis Johto Manager Staff Member Manager

    I've already told you multiple times that this situation is not considered a scam, nothing will be done about it as he is not obliged to return the flying suit to you. There was a server reset which means that all in-game items were removed from the game. Do not continue bringing this issue up as I've already said no 20 times, stop spamming my moderators and helpers.

    Real-world trading is also against the rules so you both will be banned for a duration of 14 days. If you continue to break rules once the ban is up then you will be permanently banned.
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