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    February News


    Happy February! This month's newspost is pretty brief, but just as important as the others! Here is a quick recap of major events last month! We had our Zodiac Keys and a 10% Sale for Lunar New Years! We have also held the Number 1 spot on the voting list! Thanks everyone for your continued support and for voting everyday!

    This past weekend we also opened our newest server: Adventure! They were formerly known as the PokeTrials server, and have now merged with us on Journey. Our community will just get better and bigger now! Here are some of the cool features Adventure has: Custom built map, shops, quests, achievements, joinable teams (Instinct, Mystic, Valor), Poke Stops, Alola Pokemon, Daycare/Breeding Center, and much more! To see more details, read on our newpost about Adventure! Click Here

    This month we will be re-releasing our Love Keys for Valentine's Day! The crate includes Shiny Red/Pink Pokemon! Also included are many other cute and Lovely Aura Pokemon, as well as some legendaries and Ranks! A more detailed list will be posted later this week when the key is released!

    We have a few other cool things planned for the month so make sure to keep an eye out! Make sure to vote everyday and follow us on twitter for updates, news, and event pictures! Thanks for being an amazing community!

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    HYPE!!!! ~ i do see the intrigue value of this "we have a few other cool things planned for the month so make sure to keep an eye out" and am very intrigued by it
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