Journey February Community Day

Discussion in 'Events' started by Maggie, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. Oh_Dean

    Oh_Dean New Member

    In-Game Name: Dean_Sama
    Server: Johto
    Favorite Movie: Tropic Thunder
    Favorite Video Game: Dead Island
    Favorite Candy/Chocolate: Sour Patch Kids
    What is your favorite Sport or Sports Team: Patriots
    Write your favorite pun!:
    What do you call a turtle who takes up photography?
    A snapping turtle.
  2. Cajun_Momma

    Cajun_Momma New Member

    IGN: Cajun_Momma

    Server: Johto

    Favorite Movie: Too difficult to choose, I love watching movies! I think the genre of horror or mystery are my favorites (like The Game with Michael Douglas)

    Favorite Video Game: Johto (the only other game I play is Super Mario with my daughter or playing cards online). I love the Community and the friendships we have on Journey (and for our “family” on Johto). Wouldn’t trade this for anything!

    Favorite Candy: Reeses Peanut Butter Cups or Chocolate Truffles

    Favorite Sport or Team: Swimming is my favorite but being in Michigan I now also enjoy snow tubing and favorite teams to watch (football) are the Pittsburgh Steelers or the New Orleans Saints

    Favorite Pun: “Today is the Tomorrow you dreamed of Yesterday! … Make the most of it and live it!!”
  3. Bressler

    Bressler New Member

    In-Game Name: Bressler
    Server: Johto
    Favorite Movie: Airplane
    Favorite Video Game: Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    Favorite Candy/Chocolate: Hershey's Cookies n' Creme
    What is your favorite Sport or Sports Team: Soccer
    Write your favorite pun!: Why don't you take a shower in the same room as a Pokemon? They might peek-at-'chu!
  4. Fishyfisher12345

    Fishyfisher12345 New Member

    In-Game name: Fishy2135
    Server: Johto
    Favourite Movie: Lord of the Rings
    Favourite Video Game: Fortnite
    Favourite Candy/Chocolate: malteasers
    What is your favourite Sport or sports team: AFL
    What is your favourite pun: I'm super friendly with 25 letters of the alphabet, i just don't know why.
  5. Bulbamelia

    Bulbamelia New Member

    In-Game Name: Bulbamelia

    Server: Johto

    Favorite Movie: Hunt for the Wilder people

    Favorite Video Game: Mother 3

    Favorite Candy/Chocolate: Reese's

    What is your favorite Sport or Sports Team: Badminton

    Write your favorite pun!: Why did the mushroom love to party? Cause he was a fungi lol

  6. Gawky

    Gawky Member

    In-Game Name: Gawkyy
    Server: Sinnoh
    Favorite Movie: Any scary movie really.
    Favorite Video Game: Left 4 Dead 1/2
    Favorite Candy/Chocolate: Kit-Kat
    What is your favorite Sport or Sports Team: Ew sports
    Write your favorite pun!: Ew puns.
  7. WindyGrass

    WindyGrass New Member

    In-Game Name: iAmWindyGrass
    Server: Sinnoh
    Favorite Movie: Howl's Moving Castle or Princess Mononoke (<3 Studio Ghibli)
    Favorite Video Game: Minecraft
    Favorite Candy/Chocolate: TWIX
    What is your favorite Sport or Sports Team: Baseball :D
    Write your favorite pun!: all the ones i know are inappropriate and will get me punished

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