Favorite CoD zombies map

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  1. For me it's a tie between Ascension and Origins
  2. Tom25W

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  3. Loved Moon and all with the EE, only problem I had with it was getting jug back if you were to go down or in the name of horrible luck get hit by the astronaut. Mainly because it could be speed and you'd have to repeat until you get back to area 51 and it's finally jug, especially seeing as jug is usually your first perk and the astronaut takes the first perk you buy :/ if treyarch had never added that thing (idk if he's a zombie or a human, he doesn't show many signs of being a zombie) then moon would've been just a bit better
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  5. Gdoggo gets it ;)
  6. vivings

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    Ascension for sure, was the only map I could train and feel good about myself in XD
  7. Ye, plus it was the map that introduced the sexiest perk in zombies which was known as PhD (and stamin-up was a must-have on it). The main reason I love Ascension is because of all the good memories I had playing on it (plus it had the Thundergun which one of my fav WWs at the time)

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