Exploting a Bug without reporting it

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by sefkantanis, Nov 18, 2018.

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  1. sefkantanis

    sefkantanis New Member

    In-Game Name: ADeadMeme
    Server: Kanto
    Date of Ban: I Dont remeber
    Who you were banned by: Rumba1313
    Reason of Ban: Exploting
    Why you should be unbanned: i think i should be unbanned beacuse of i really enjoy this server kanto and i should have known better, i should have reported the bug right away instead of being stupid and Exploting it without telling any staffs about it, i am very sad Beacuse of my bad decisions as i said i really should have Known better i know im better than this. if i ever get unbanned i Promise you will see a better me and i will make sure to Report any bugs or so in the near future. From ADeadMeme Much love
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  2. Tokyo Thunder

    Tokyo Thunder Koala of Johto Staff Member Admin

    after talking with mosa, your ban appeal has been denied.
    you should know better, being ex-staff. locked
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