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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by xXGOD01Xx, Oct 2, 2018.

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  1. xXGOD01Xx

    xXGOD01Xx Ex Hoenn Staff

    So i know a while ago i said i was leaving this community forever basically but i thought it might be fun to make a return. I made another appeal last night to get my bans removed which still make 0 sense and are becoming more of a lie from the higher ups. In @Lavster response to my appeal he made it explicitly clear that i was warned multiple times for what i did and that i was muted multiple times for what i did. This response from lav is what common people call a lie, ask anyone that was on the server at the time of my supposed mutes and warnings and they will back me up and agree that it never happened. So what i want to know is why is the new manager of hoenn lying to a player about a ban, he said it himself "we used to be hella close man" so why doesnt he have the courage to stop lying to me. My theory is he cant prove i did anything wrong and he just wants to keep the lies flowing to keep me banned and seen as how hes the highest ranking player on hoenn besides the owners everyone will believe what he says over a random player. He also claims that i was disrespectful towards players and staff which is also a lie, ill admit it i was a bit disrespectful towards staff like lav and future. If you wanna know what happened here then ill tell you i have nothing to hide now. I told lav and future my opinions on things that could be improved on the server and this was instantly dismissed by the pair of them because i wasnt active on the server. At the time i was on the server either every day or every other day for about a week or 2. So my opinions were basically lead to instant dismisal and i was made to feel like i had no value on the server. If i was treated like this whats stopping other players being treated like this. I get that i was ex staff but that shouldnt mean i get that kind of treatment.

    So you may be asking me why i posted a ban appeal in the general discussion area, im not. At this point in time i dont expect to be unbanned seen as the admin and manager of hoenn have a vendetta against me and are willing to lie, bend the truth and abuse there powers to stop someone enjoying there time on the server. Im writting this post to show everyone especially @Maggie to know about the lying hypocrite that is lavster. He told me my ban was because i repeatedly broke multiple rules on the server, however ive seen him abuse his powers and break the rules multiple times for his own amusement without seeing any punishments. Same goes for srini his admin, she breaks the rules multiple times without punishment.

    Ill leave this thread open to responses from any players or staff. Lav, Serina ive had enough hearing what you have to say so dont bother replying, @Maggie if you want to reply drop me a message on discord (Gawdddd#9859) youll need to add me as a friend seen as i was banned in the journey discord for no reason.

    Thank you all for reading have a great day :)
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  2. Jfmister

    Jfmister New Member

    I've been following this story since you posted your first ban appeal; it originally stood out to me because I recognized your name, maybe it was back when I played on either Unova or Sinnoh a year and a half or so back, or the few times I looked around on Hoenn back then. But after reading the situation I think at the very least you deserve someone else to look into your situation; it seems as though there's something else behind everything I've read so far; I've found it likely that both sides are hiding something from the story. If someone that can do something about the situation and could look into the situation is reading this; I think this story deserves to be looked into to some extent, although it does not effect me directly I still think I'd like to see a final resolution to this story. I although do not know which side is showing the greater extent of truth on the situation as I am a Kanto player and do not log in to Hoenn very often. Overall, I think the situation needs a resolution; thank you to whoever reads this thing. Goodbye.
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  3. DeJerre

    DeJerre New Member

    As right or as wrong you may be, I don't think posting a message like this is a good/appropriate way to solve the problem. This message screams for drama and won't solve a thing. Throwing insults around isn't really a good way to approach this either. Instead, you should try contacting someone who is independent, like Maggie, who can try solving the problem by talking to both sides at the same time. No need for the insults, as they won't help you solve the problem.

    Have a nice day
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  4. _Yoshi_Storm_

    _Yoshi_Storm_ New Member

    Hey Gawd!

    Ive been following your ban ever since it started on Hoenn, I was also online at the time if your ban and your "warnings" As a current staff member It tells me when someone has been muted and for what reason they were muted for. Not once was i notified of you being muted or talked to about your situation in general. I also agree with some parts and that you have yet to receive any direct answer about your ban appeal, which is truly unfair for an ex admin. I also agree with you being treated way differently just because you were an ex admin, and i feel partially like this was my fault. I know the time before your ban you were talking with srini and lavs about why I should be mod and not a helper. I personally feel like this involvement about me getting mod could very well be a crucial part about this entire ban. Since im not entirely the most favorable helper we have hoenn. I feel partially responsible for having you stand up for me to the admins when I would refuse to, this also lead to a bad relationship with the higherups since you were talking about how the community should be more involved with staff promotions. You were never given any warnings or mutes about this situation which was our fault and for that im sorry. I do feel that you could of pushed a little far with your schemes put it was never worth being banned or mute worthy. The only warning you received wasn't really a warning in all reality, it was just polite saying "gawd plz". I believe this entire ban is bias in one way or another the network ban is injust and should be removed. The ban on hoenn I have no voice over it since im just a helper, but from the context I have been given from you and future it just sounds like it could part any way. In my personal opinion this entire ban should be removed and you should be allowed to play on hoenn again. You have impacted me the most on the entire staff team just because you keep my motivation up to help out and play on the server. It isn't fair for you to be banned for something that may have involved me.
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  5. xXGOD01Xx

    xXGOD01Xx Ex Hoenn Staff

    I appreciate all your input guys. Dj ive tried to resch out to the owners to discuss the issue however it hasnt lead anywhere over a few weeks so i felt id try a different approach. Yoshi you shouldnt feel liable for my actions, same as my actions shouldnt impact you career in the staff team. I appreciate you supporting my point about the bias descisions against me, mutes that never happened and apparent warnings that never happened.
    Hearing these responses reminded me of something else i was told. I was told i wasnt the most active or the best staff member on hoenn however many would disagree with this. Over my 18 months to 2 year spell as staff i spent the equivilant of about 250 days play time on the server, thats half a year constantly playing the server. Ive also had multiple current staff and ex staff tell me i helped them greatly, i also created multiple helpful warps and events for the server all of which were removed as soon as i left.

    Yoshi i would like to apoligise that my actions and our friendship has lead to some bias decisions against you
  6. Nasker

    Nasker New Member

    Hey God, even though I'm not staff anymore, I feel the need to respond to your thread since it technically does involve me. I didn't want to post this publicly, but I feel like I had to. I understand that you don't fully comprehend the extensive reasons to why you were banned. Let me ENLIGHTEN you. Now I understand that you were an ex admin, which you have repeated multiple times throughout your appeals. That has absolutely nothing to do with why you were banned. If anything you should have known better on what you should and shouldn't do. You WERE warned multiple times by upper staff members (Lavster, Future, Srini, and myself) about your behavior towards players and staff, your indirect disrespect towards us, and your sexual harassment towards female staff members. I will say you were right about one thing, the warnings were never distributed in your server mutes due to desecration, but you were always warned personally in a message or verbally on TeamSpeak. I understand your frustration fully, but you're totally blowing things out of proportion.

    Now when it comes to your ban decision, that had everything to do with Future. He was the manager, and in the end made all of the decisions. You are selfishly blaming Lavster and bashing his name for something he clearly didn't do. Future and I are great friends and we talk about everything together which includes your ban. I gave my respectful response as always to a serious matter, but in the end it was up to him. Also, when you had the chance to make your first appeal you didn't take it seriously. Instead you tried too play it off as if you didn't know what you were doing, but also like it was a joke. Obviously since after your second ban appeal and your " public enlightenment " post it's not a joking matter.

    With the reasons I spoke of above, I can go into more detail if needed. I would prefer to be courteous enough to not completely ruin your reputation, and to not disclose any details about your sexual harassment issues publicly. I also understand I wasn't the nicest person during my several years of staff either which can make me sound hypocritical, but I knew my boundaries and how to control myself. I could go on and on about this issue, but I think I've made my peace with it.

    Thank you for reading, and hopefully understanding.

    Best regards,

    EX Hoenn Admin
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  7. NoIDragon

    NoIDragon New Member

    Hey God even though I'm an Atheist I do believe what happened to you was unjust. Hoenn has always been a place for the trees that would never bear fruit to try and blossom. I'm sad to say that the pesticides go to you first. I left while my dignity was still intact since I found out/ knew what kinda of place it was. I've always meme'd and joked around about things that have happened there but the place is literally just a cesspool of garbage with tons flowers that that will never get a chance to bloom. There are many people that made my time as staff on Hoenn enjoyable. Miners, you, DFMiner, Jade, Buckeye, Rare, Anna, Yoshi, Frog, Nacho, Raf and many other friends I can't name right now. Good people who have tainted by the dark waters than eventually filled your roots. I know we were mean to each other and that for a certain while you hated me. but what happened to you should've happened to me a while ago. I know for a fact my actions towards some of my fellow staff members have been more than just compared to the actions they took on you. I hope this issue gets resolved but with the state of the staff I highly doubt it and whether this gets me banned from other platforms of this Network or even taken down so be it. I've spoken my mind and I'm not changing it. - Blano EX PIXELGO MOD
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  8. Gawky

    Gawky Member

    Enough Said, It was great having you around. But by the looks of it and how Hoenn is as a whole. You most likely will not be given that shot to come back. Thank you for the time you've given some of us while being there.
  9. PhoenixRising_

    PhoenixRising_ Unova person thing

    Hey Gawd. I'm writing one of these too I guess, I know I really shouldn't be but ya know, I'm full of bad choices. Before I go into this however I want to say this. I am addressing you as my friend, as I consider you one still, but there are a few things that I feel like need addressed and while I feel @Nasker said it perfectly, I would like to give my take on this situation.

    Gawd, you were banned for reasons that can be simplified down to toxicity. Toxicity towards both staff and players. I am unaware of most details, however, it is no secret among us that you still had perms to challonge and you would edit brackets, adding someones name multiple times. There is a difference between doing it once as a joke and doing it every single time you're on and a broadcast has our challonge in it. You tried fighting staff when they told you to knock it off saying that it was just a joke or would play dumb to the situation. You would talk about things that the staff team attempt to keep secret, and while many of those things aren't exactly well kept secrets, they shouldn't be told to every single person on the server in detail.

    Gawd, in your original ban appeal you say "I know that a couple of occasions i went a little bit too far but in my days as staff I've seen plenty of players do far worse and not be banned," but here's the thing, if you knew it was wrong, and would get a raise out of staff who you already think have it out for you, why would you do it? When you say "however i don't believe i should be judged and treated by my history as staff from time to time when it suits the server staff. If you guys want to treat me like a guy who just joined the server go ahead just don't then choose to treat me like i should know better when it suits you," I'm sorry to say this, but you are completely wrong here. You don't get special treatment for being former staff, nor a former admin. However, in this case you had to be treated like a former staff breaking rules for one simple reason: you broke rules and screwed with things only a staff would know of. You weren't treated like a new player. Your "warnings" weren't formal per say, but it was frustrating the staff. We didn't say anything because you insisted on fighting us every single time. What stops other players from being treated like this? It's the fact that they don't break tehr rules that you did, and when they do they usually stop after a mute, they don't continue to do it with alts or by using the GTS. You need to understand that.

    Gawd, in your second post you state
    "When it comes to breaking basic chat rules the worst i ever did was light character dragging in a playful way," which I can confirm you did do that, however, you also showed massive amounts of disrespect even if it was indirect. It doesn't matter if it's indirect or direct, disrespect is disrespect. Showing it because you were shown disrespect yourself is childish, and yes, the most childish person on the network is calling you childish, its hypocritical but its true.

    Finally Gawd I would like to address one last thing. This thing being that you insist on attacking Lavs. Lavs is my friend, however, that doesn't mean I'm going to stick my neck out and cover for him if hes in the wrong. However, there's a simple fact you refuse to address: Lavs didn't do anything besides deny your appeal. He gave you your reasons for being banned. If you insist on saying that hes a liar, so be it. That's on you. However, saying that he abused his powers is outrageous without any evidence. Before you ask for evidence of what you did, you have eye witnesses of many mods, helpers, and the higher ups. How did he abuse his powers? Did he run around giving out spawned in perfs to everyone? Did he give everyone free keys for doing nothing whatsoever? Or is it that you can't handle the fact you were banned and can't accept what you did was wrong? I consider you a friend still but what you did warranted your punishment, and you keep making it worse.

    I can't say I know what Nasker is talking about fully, but you are in the wrong nonetheless and you need to accept that. Not just to end this situation for all of Journey, but for yourself too.

    I sincerely hope you listen to reason Gawd and stop blaming Lavs for things that you had full control over.

    Best wishes,

    Ex Unova Admin, current Hoenn helper
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  10. xXGOD01Xx

    xXGOD01Xx Ex Hoenn Staff

    In a lot of ways youre right phoenix, youre also wrong in a lot of ways and misunderstand a lot of it. But at least you had the balls to come out and say it instead of trying to lie and hide stuff. Ill give you credit you said what they wouldnt. You also proved my point for me though, all the higher ups lied to keep my ban instead of stopping this at day 1.
  11. Gawky

    Gawky Member

    The main topic is seems like you're revolving that around is Staff Abuse/ Abuse of power. Now I understand that's extremely not tolerable especially coming from an Admin. But it should have been a quick demotion, Actually without a doubt. Now it didn't deserve a ban off the entire network and the discord. No one has completely said a full story of why his banned was actually placed which still seems odd because you have 3 people saying one thing that sounds similar and then throwing in something else. (I typed this on my phone.. autocorrect is a bitch.)
  12. xXGOD01Xx

    xXGOD01Xx Ex Hoenn Staff

    Dont worry gawky ive heard tons of different reasons from multiple people. Half of the dont link to each other and half of it isnt even true which is great to hear from a "team"
    The reason no ones heard the full story is because they want to keep the secrets hidden. Phoenix helped piece the puzzle together for me so maybe ill release the full story if i need to
  13. _Sacrilege_

    _Sacrilege_ Ex Unova, Hoenn E4

    You know, I find it hilarious that the people bashing Hoenn and its community were the toxic people who got kicked out, @Noldragon and @Gawky . And gawd, your my friend but god damn it. You do realize with every post, every ban appeal, you constantly attack lavz and the staff team and just someone in general. It's only digging your hole deeper and deeper and its pushing away all your friends. I've heard clips from players and staff of what happened, and how with each post you made it only made your situation worse, and honestly my best advice is to just drop it. If you want to push this and have everything revealed, specifically the things you did and your end of this drama, then go right ahead. Everyone's given you plenty of warnings. Expose them sure, but they'll expose you right back. Again, you are my Friend, but seeing this drama and bull crap is killing me man.
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  14. Frosty

    Frosty Member

    I have to agree with sacrilege, every time you make a post like this, you make everything worse, please, deal with the situation formally, which includes private messaging other managers or owners to figure out a conclusion, instead of publicly posting and encouraging more drama, this is not the right way to deal with a situation and in all do respect, a staff member should know this is not how to deal with such a situation, its immature, which overall justify's the reasoning of your ban, the way you are behaving and dealing with this case on the forums may reflect your attitude on the server, think carefully what you are doing, insulting the staff in a public post is also very unacceptable, personally I do not know what was said, or what actions were carried out, but publicly dissing staff (and listing there names) does not create a good influence on them, especially when they represent the server, it affects there ascendancy or image on the network, especially when you have no evidence to back it up (As far as I can see), the way you have dealt with this matter is purely unacceptable and immature, please take responsibility and deal with this in a more formal/professional way, not only for the portrayal of the network and its community, but also for the good of yourself.

    Last edited: Oct 3, 2018
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  15. Winglet

    Winglet Priest of Lord Kyuubi|Survival S-Mod Staff Member Moderator

    I'll be closing this thread for higher ups to take a look into this. For the sake of no more posts to make this worse. (I know this is not my juristriction but i needed to do something here)
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