Johto EnchantMonkey abusing his power

Discussion in 'Report a Player' started by Khurtax, Nov 24, 2018.

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  1. Khurtax

    Khurtax New Member

    Server: Johto
    Your Minecraft name: Khortex

    Their Minecraft Name: EnchantMonkey

    Reason for Report: In a recent experience ive had on Johto, i was demonstrated incomptence of a staff member. EnchantMonkey was upset over something i said in chat, and told me not to mention again, I told him I would not mention it anymore and havent mentioned it again, but when i asked him about the rule which was broken he told me to drop it, which does not make sense, since I was asking about what rule i broke, I believe this is proof of EnchantMonkey being unable to prove his point, he was unable to tell me which rule i had broken and resorted to telling me to end my discussion with him about the topic, I was bewildered by this because when i had done /rules i hadnt broken any rules, so i shouldnt have gotten a warning for a rule that does not exist. After asking him to explain the rule broken he proceeded to mute me for 30 minutes. Today I asked him about it in the Lobby and he is just telling me enough and is refusing to help me undestand which rule was broken. I have asked him to talk about it on the server and on outside sources but he refuses to adamantly.

    Proof: Both me and EnchantMonkey have chat logs which i can provide at request.

    I would prefer talking to someone which wouldnt ban or mute me due to them being unable to support their perspective or view.
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  2. Winglet

    Winglet Priest of Lord Kyuubi|Survival's local Fox

    Hello khurtax!

    I will be getting an johto higher up to take a look into the situation as soon as possible. In the meantime could you please provide some chat logs which have all information included? As well as a clear point at where the issue is starting? This might safe the johto higher up some time.

    Thank you for the patience.
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  3. Khurtax

    Khurtax New Member

    the chat is logged properly and has not been modified, i had to convert from .log to zip file due to the inability to send .log files. I believe all my logs match with other players and the server logs, if there are any innacuracies please let me know.

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  4. Khurtax

    Khurtax New Member

    The Issue was I said something which was not received well, he told me to stop. I said alright and never mention what i had said again, but was curious about the rule broken, he did not want to answer my question, after a couple of requests from me to provide answers he proceeded to mute me for staff disrespect, and never answered which rule i had broken.
  5. TheColdoor

    TheColdoor Johto's Ad min & E4 Champ Staff Member Admin

    Hello Khortex,

    Whenever you are muted, there is always a reason that is attached to your mute regarding why you got muted. Even tho it seems as you did not see it, you were told the reason afterwards, which was for using inappropriate language in chat, which falls under the rule #5 in our /rules, if you want to check it out.

    Even tho it might've been unclear, I hope you can understand that he did not want to talk furthermore about it due to it being inappropriate, or because he already told you and didn't want to repeat himself.

    I hope that in the future you will respect our rules to the full extent, and be sure to stay respectful also to all staff members.

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