Hoenn Enable Payday to Maximize Profit from Battles at Potential Risk to the Server

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by AbsolGasai, Oct 15, 2018.


I want the opinion of the general public, the players: Should we attempt to Enable Pay-day or not?

  1. Yes, we should.

  2. No, we shouldn't.

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  1. AbsolGasai

    AbsolGasai Active Member

    |Please Read|

    Hello everyone, as most of you well know: I'm a player who has a tendency to leave every few months only to come back for a month. This time I full intend on causing some changes, if at all possible, for the betterment of Journey and overall quality of life in-game before I take my leave, if I don't stay this time.

    I have thought long and hard about what the best possible way to make money from battling in Pixelmon would be, and what I have come up with is as follows:
    • 1: Payday (500 per hit at level 100)
    • 2: Amulet Coin (Raises this to 1000 per hit)
    • 3: A team of Pickup units (To get up to 6 extra items to sell per battle)
    • 4: /warp boss, /warp ev, or /warp npcgym grinding
      Now Pokemon that can learn Pay-Day through TM are as follows:

    Three major benefits to this are:
    • Almost anyone can catch a Meowth (which doubles as a pickup pokemon 50% of the time) and Grind @ /warp ev, even right after joining the server.
    • Amulet Coins can easily be purchased @ /warp pm
    • This would make it easier for people who don't have much time to play pixelmon to do so happily as well by giving them a decent means of making currency, comparable to breeders.
    The problems:
    1: Payday is Currently Disabled.
    2: To enable it could cause some script in the server to malfunction , possibly resulting
    in broken field moves, new move bugs , or something like that. As the nature of the server's coding is often not fully known by our server Manager: Lav and any action could have an equal and opposite reaction.
    3: Might topple the economy if many people decide to use this method: but that is part of why I have conceived this brain child.

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  2. AbsolGasai

    AbsolGasai Active Member

    In my opinion, this would be a really good way to help even out the "social classes" in pixelmon: I.E. people who breed nonstop vs. those who lack the materials, time, dedication, or knowledge to do so.
  3. OkeRoy

    OkeRoy Member

    Hi Absol,

    As you said, the move payday has a few flaws and cause problems. Hence why it’s not enabled. Earning money isn’t supposed to be easy although it’s not hard to get those extra coins. Selling items to NPC’s or players is one of the few things that already makes you quite a lot of money. Personally, i don’t think enabling payday is worth the risks that can occur.
  4. AbsolGasai

    AbsolGasai Active Member

    This is the general consensus
  5. DeJerre

    DeJerre New Member

    Heyo Absol

    As for the amulet coin and pay day, let me give you an example:

    Let's say you get a slowbro with the ability 'regenerator' and slack off to top it off. You give it the amulet coin and start hitting a bulky pokemon from /warp npcgym. I don't know how much pp pay day has, but let's say it has 25: You get 25k just by hitting a pokemon 25 times. This will be too overpowered in my opinion.

    I like how you are thinking about a better way of making money without being online 24/7, but this way will be too overpowered and prices of stuff and pokemon will rise up.

    Cya on the server!
  6. AbsolGasai

    AbsolGasai Active Member

    pp is 20, but there is no way that one could make either a meowth or persian live that long @ /warp npcgyms without an awful lot of revival herbs.

    But yeah, it would be ridiculously overpowered and it would disrupt the economy, thank you for your input.
  7. axle15

    axle15 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I would like to add that a move called happy hour exists (i forget if it is in reforged but if it isn't it will be one day). imagine making 20k a battle. now that doesn't take very long, then you use happy hour, effectively doubling that to 40k per battle. now say you have multiple Pokemon with pay day. I'll let you do that math and realize why this is a bad idea.
  8. AbsolGasai

    AbsolGasai Active Member

    What's wrong with obliterating the economy? ;)

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