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Discussion in 'Donation Help' started by Skylom, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. Skylom

    Skylom New Member

    I've been looking into upgrading to Delta for awhile now, and I was looking to check if there were any differences between going legend->primal->delta and just going legend->delta. Behold, there are. You lose a shiny legend if you go straight from legend->delta, as you get an extra one when you go legend->primal->delta. You also lose the shiny karps and pseudo legends. If you go from legend->delta, you get an extra size token.

    Not sure if this is intentional, but just incase it isn't I decided I'd post it here
  2. Skylom

    Skylom New Member

    btw this is FiloM
  3. IAmR3liable

    IAmR3liable Moderator Moderator

    Hey Filo, I've noticed what you're talking about.
    I am unsure on whether this has been done intentionally, or not. Regardless, I can suggest going from Legend > Primal, then Primal > Delta, as this should be the same price. Doing this will ensure that you get all of the items.

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