Journey Discord and Teamspeak ban ages ago.

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Khast, Nov 29, 2018.

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  1. Khast

    Khast New Member

    In-Game Name:Khast
    Server: Discord and Teamspeak
    Date of Ban:I can't remeber, it was ages ago.
    Who you were banned by:It might have been TokyoThunder, but i can't remeber.
    Reason of Ban:Being toxic in discord, but i don't know why for ts.
    Why you should be unbanned: Honestly, i don't remeber what happened, it must've been bad to be banned from discord and teamspeak, but, i want to go on discord and ts to speak with people i used to play with, also to participate in discord events :D, it's totally your choice if you decide to unban me. Sorry again.

    -Khast :]
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  2. Tokyo Thunder

    Tokyo Thunder Koala of Johto Staff Member Admin

    appeal has been denied, due to you being a known troublemaker.

    you are going to remain unbanned on Khastjr on johto provided you dont cause any trouble.
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