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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Dimms, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. Dimms

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    In-Game Name: Dimms / Dimms#0001
    Server: Network/Discord
    Date of Ban: July 28th
    Who you were banned by: Network: Maggie, Discord: idk
    Reason of Ban:
    Dimms Last Sunday at 5:45 PM
    My reason of ban being im lumped into winglet for him griefing right?
    RumbaLast Sunday at 5:47 PM
    yea, along with your behavior on discord, causing conflict.

    Why you should be unbanned: I have no affiliation with Winglet and the server he now runs and was only alerted to myself being banned after trying to connect to the discord, While messaging Maple_ and Rumba i found out that Winglet had griefed a couple of servers and for some reason that i cant find out i was lumped into his group that he griefed with, I was at work while all this happened which Maple should be able to attest to (as ive talked several times about having to work 2 jobs) and cant come to find a reason why i was banned.
    As for the "causing conflict" on the discord i dont recall any instance of me causing any sort of conflict and have dropped topics when asked to, when asked to provide examples i was simply ignored so unfortunately i dont have any indication of how i was causing conflict on the discord.

    Hopefully this appeal doesnt fall on deaf ears as I do like to play with a couple of people on sinnoh and talk to a few people from other servers on the discord, and its hard to find people to debate competitive pokemon with elsewhere in a friendly setting.
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  2. Rumba1313

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    Appeal approved (for Discord. Network ban pending)

    Rumba ~

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