Describe a Pokemon Poorly!

Discussion in 'Shenanigans & Spam' started by Lexx, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Lexx

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    It is what it is on the tin today folks! Each person who posts will guess the pokemon described poorly above, and then the first to get it correct posts their bad description next! Like this:

    P1 : orange, pointy squirm boy
    P2: Stunfisk?
    P3: Weedle?
    P1: P3 got it, it was Weedle!
    P3: Awesome! Here is mine: A green toad with flower

    Make sense? Great! So I'm going to kick this off!

    - Angry kid who doesn't know how buy pants in his size
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  2. Dewpiders

    Dewpiders New Member

    My guess for yours is Scraggy!
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  3. Lexx

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