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  1. Maggie

    Maggie Owner Staff Member Owner

    December Creative Contest
    Its time for another Creative Contest! We had a very successful Creative Contest back in September, so we're going to do another one! You have this month, to create something that you think shows off a creative talent of yours! Some creative ideas and contest rules are listed below!

    Theme: There is no theme again! However, if you are struggling to come up with something with no theme, use the alternative theme of Winter or Holidays!

    1st: $20 Coupon to use in our store + Event Keys
    2nd: $15 Coupon to use in our store + Event Keys
    3rd: $10 Coupon to use in our store + Event Keys​

    Creative Contest Submission Ideas
    Art (Digital or Hand-Drawn)
    PixelArt (Created on a server)
    Song (Youtube video link with you singing a song, playing an instrument, or cover!)
    Lyrics (Lyrics that you made up or lyrics you changed to a song that exists)
    Story or Short Story
    (Use your creativity to write something up!)
    Comedy Skit
    (A Youtube Video YOU created!)
    Photograph (Show off your photography skills with a nice screenshot or actual picture you took)
    Collage (Compilations of pictures you have taken all together)
    There are many MORE things you can submit!
    NO BUILDS ALLOWED (We are currently having a Build Competition, so if you build anything, submit your build on the Build Competition forum!)

    Creative Contest Rules and Requirements
    Start: December 10th
    End: December 31st Midnight EST
    Theme: There is no theme! As mentioned above, if you are "struggling to come up with something with no theme, use the alternative theme of Winter or Holidays!"
    Server: If you decide to create something on a server, make sure to add what server and the coordinates your submission is on!
    Submission: You may only have 1 entry!
    Team: You may enter a submission with friends! Make sure to list everyone's names!
    Pictures/Media: Please add or attach a file or picture of your submission in your reply post! We need to see your artwork, video, etc that you create! If you make a video with a cover or you singing, please attach a link to the lyrics you made!
    Originality: Please make sure that anything you submit is original or created by you! If you do a cover of a song for example, it needs to have something that you added to make it unique (like making up your own lyrics to the song, or playing an instrument)! Just make sure to try to be as Original as possible!

    Please keep all of your submissions appropriate!
    If you have any other questions? Feel free to post them below or message me privately!

    ***NOTE: If you get an error trying to add a link or picture, please make sure to have made atleast 3 posts on our forums. If you still can't attach or link anything, please send me a pm and I'll attach it for you!***

    Creative Contest Reply Layout

    In-Game Name:
    Link or Picture to your Creation:
    Add a description of what you made:
  2. Firegirl20

    Firegirl20 Member

    In-Game Name: Queen_Fire_Mew
    Server: Kanto
    Creation: Memories(a song/poem)
    Not quite seen
    With the eye
    Even the ones most keen

    But if you open your heart
    You will see
    Something so true
    Somebody so great

    It will show you a time
    with a friend or kin
    or someone that has faded away

    But only by the eye
    Have they appeared gone
    Because in your heart
    You will never part

    Add a description of what you made: This is a sequel to my other poem, Pokémon Bonds. This shows how much a memory can mean to anyone, even though it cannot see seen through your eyes.
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  3. XxEnderMagicxX

    XxEnderMagicxX New Member

    In-Game Name: XxEnder_MagicxX
    Server: Kanto
    Add a description of what you made:
    Because I've always enjoyed doing arts, I decided to paint a few of my favorite Pokémon on rocks: Shiny Porygon, Latias, and Squishy :)
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  4. In-Game Name: xEnchantx
    Server: Johto!
    Fire in your eyes, I see it burning bright, in this world filled with light, we will never give up the fight, we fight with all our might, I feel our bond is strong, I just hope it lasts long, they all doubted us, but now they bow down to us.
    Add a description of what you made: This is a poem called Flames that I have wanted to post on the forums for a while so I decided to post it here, I hope you enjoyed it tho :p
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  5. WisdomAssassin

    WisdomAssassin Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    IGN: WisdomAssassin
    Server: JoHOT
    Description: Happy holidays to all! This picture depicts the hanging of tinsel and lights, and wait a second... I think that Hoothoot is eating the Sylveon's paper hat?! Where in the world did the Sylveon even get that much hats? Better ask Borken about her silly hat storage... RIP hats. :eek:
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  6. PullpettiX_

    PullpettiX_ New Member

    IGN : PullpetiX
    Server : johto
    Picture :
    Description : well, same as xxender here, i've always enjoyed arts too but only drawing not painting. I know it sounds weird like how come some guy enjoys drawing and than making it even better by coloring. well it's me . So i had drawn my favourite legendary pokemons . I know the coloring isn't so good but that's the best i can do. Thank You! :p
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  7. PullpettiX_

    PullpettiX_ New Member

    if the link doesnt work please message me thanx =)
  8. ZappyZeraora

    ZappyZeraora New Member

    In-Game Name: ZappyZeraora
    Server: Kanto
    Picture of Creation: 2017-12-29_02.32.44.png
    Add a description of what you made: This is my new H0-Oh pixel art! It took me the whole day but it was absolutely worth it! I hope you like it as much as I do. The coordinates to the pixel art are -2305, 69, -1728 in Kanto. Thanks!
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  9. Toxic_Venomiser

    Toxic_Venomiser New Member

    In-Game Name: Toxic_Venomiser
    Link or Picture to your Creation: IMG_20170220_124739.jpg
    Add a description of what you made:[/QUOTE]
    I made a cheetah because it is my favorite animal and i want to show how beautyful the animal is. I love drawing and i enjoyed making this. Thanks for the awesome event! Toxic_Venomiser
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