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Discussion in 'Events' started by Maggie, Dec 11, 2017.

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    December Build Competition
    Happy holidays everyone! It is time for another Build Competition! We saw some really spooky builds in October, now its time to see what you guys can build this month! December's theme is: WINTER! December is a chilly month full of many holidays! Build whatever you think fits the theme! Here are some ideas: Christmas town, a House with snow, Christmas lights or tree, snowmen, etc. You have all of December to build, so try your best!

    All rules and requirements are below, please read them all! Remember that using any mods that load schematics or copying someone else's work is against the rules and will result in a disqualification! You MAY use other builds as inspiration if you like, just try to be as original as possible! You don't have to be the best builder to win, just showing off your ideas and creativity earns you more points! Follow the format below when you are ready to submit your build!

    1st: $20 Coupon to use in our store + Event Keys + picture of build is posted on Twitter
    2nd: $15 Coupon to use in our store + Event Keys
    3rd: $10 Coupon to use in our store + Event Keys

    Build Competition Rules and Requirements

    Start Date: December 10th
    End Date: December 31st Midnight EST
    Theme: WINTER! Build something that gives off a winter-y vibe! Feel free to use the Holidays this month as inspiration too!
    Originality: We want to make sure that anything you built, is original and made by you, please don't submit anything you copied or schematiced.
    Coordinates: Please provide the server and the coordinates to your build so the judges can review your submission!
    Submission: You may only enter one submission! You can have as many builds as you want, as long as they are all in the same area of each other! If you had already been working on a Winter themed build before the competition started, feel free to finish that build and enter!
    Participants: Your builds must have been created by you only! No partners! You CAN have people fund your builds by giving you money or supplies, but they CANNOT build with you!
    Pictures: Please add a picture of your build with your post on the forum for everyone to see if you are able to!
    Keep all builds appropriate, we are a family-friendly network!

    Build Comp Reply Layout
    In-Game Name:
    Picture of build:
    Feel free to add a small description of your build!
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    Alright this build is basically a tree with no leaves but it hasn't snowed yet so it is just turning Winter. It has presents hanging off it for all my friends even Mosa & Maggie have one. So when you see this Maggie make sure to get it and Mosa too!
    Thank you ~Mia
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    Link doesn't work ;-;
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    it does, edit that into your post and we're good to go ^^
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