Hoenn Ddos threats.

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    In-Game Name: KhastJr
    Date of Ban:21/11/18
    Who you were banned by:Lavster
    Reason of Ban:Threating to ddosing players?
    Why you should be unbanned: Me and "Vixal" Had an altercation about a HP Ground Sylveon set, i said it works etc, he called me dumb and it spouted from that, he proceeds to messages me on discord telling me to "kys" Also calls me a "u fat humpalumpa" and "ur nan got chlamydia from ur third cousin" i admit i overreacted, i made a stupid mistake and said i would DDos him, and it was wrong of me, i just lashed out when i shouldn't have, i also said that Vixal was LewTBH, and i said isn't that alting for keys, and then he lashed out and called me rude names. I really messed up this time, it would be amazing if i could get a second chance, i didn't mean react like that.

    - Kind regards, Khast.

    Been a month now, still waiting on a response @Lavster
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