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    Its the most wonderful time of the year! This Holiday season we have CooKeys (Yes another pun :3) available on our servers! It is an enchanted Cookie, when used at the CooKey crate you get a special gift! The CooKey includes:

    -Only Shiny Pokemon (All Ice/winter themed pokemon with a few mystery surprises)
    -Aura pokemon (Spectral, Frost, Angelic)
    -For 1.10 Servers you have a chance of getting a "Coal Key" which you can use to unlock a special Aura pokemon at the Coal Crate!
    -Shiny Legendaries (Articuno, Lugia, Celebi, Regigigas[1.10])
    -Pro, Ace, and Elite Ranks
    -Skyblock also has a Christmas CooKey with special rewards to help your island!

    The CooKey is now available in our shop! Enjoy your Holidays everyone and hope to see you all on the server!
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