Connecting to the Network

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  1. Maggie

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    Connecting to the Network
    Hello everyone! Ever since our maintenance a few days ago, we have heard of people still having issues connecting to the network. If that applies to you, please try connecting with our other IPs:

    If you are still having issues connecting, please comment below what IP's you are using and what country you are from. This helps us get a better idea of where people cannot connect from. Thanks everyone, and we hope that you all are able to connect again soon!
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  2. Applelord56

    Applelord56 New Member

    is my ip and I'm in Illinois(in America)
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  3. Maggie

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    Hey Applelord! I suggest trying the other IPs we have listed. Have you tried that?
  4. Krish

    Krish New Member

    My ip address is
    and I live in Belgium I have tried the other ips but it says
    Failed to connect to the server
    Failed to login: Invalid session try restarting your game
  5. Maggie

    Maggie Owner Staff Member Owner

    If it says Invalid session, that means you just need to close minecraft and restart it. Please try the other IP's and make sure you spell everything correctly and such :) Let me know if you are still having troubles

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