Choose Your Own Adventure (Medieval)

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First Choice!

  1. Run Away

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  2. Stay at Home

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  3. Second Choice: Dead Man's Cave

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  4. Cave of The Spiders

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  1. Choose your own adventure
    How this works? There will be a poll each hour, for which choice, the winning choice is chosen and the adventure continues from there, the poll is open for about 1 hour.

    I had woken up on that very morning, expecting nothing to be different… Yet I had never known what would come to me very soon…

    As I woke I up I heard “Go milk the cow!” It was, of course my mother, angry at me yet again for waking up late. “Sure…” I had shouted down, but I had very different intentions. I went to my window looked outside of it… And I thought, why don’t I just jump out and run away? Run away from this life… My mom pretty much hates me, she was forced to keep me when my real mother died, and my dad ran away himself. If I did choose to run away I would have to take my horse, Betsy, she’s the only thing I actually like in this life. I took on more peek and started to make my way out… Before I remembered my mother’s last message…

    FIRST CHOICE: Run Away/Don’t
  2. You Ran Away

    I decided to jump out and run, I jumped onto Betsy and rode her until I couldn’t even see my village anymore… I had no regrets… Nothing! I soon came to a fork in the road, I could go left, which the sign read ‘Cave of the Spiders’ and the second said ‘Dead Man’s Cave’. I thought my best to try and get the answer and there! I knew it! I just had to go…

    Second Choice!

    Go to Cave Of The Spiders

    Go to Dead Man’s Cave

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