Johto calendar reset as I was about to get aura key

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Appolpen, Nov 9, 2017.

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    I was about to get the aura key today, but I logged on at 7:00 pm est and my calendar was reset. I know I had logged on the day before and claimed my daily reward, as I had the day off and clearly remember spending the 15k I have claimed yesterday (November 7th) on moves for my pokes for the UU tournament. Lots of people recognize me as being on yesterday, such as Diamond, Wisdom, and many others. Also, StepAside_Iced helped me to choose some moves and critique my UU team. I also said yesterday evening that I was going to get my aura key today, and also mentioned it sometime on Monday, (November 6th) that I was going to receive my first aura key. Those are my only peices of evidence, as unfortunately, I do not have any screenshots of my daily rewards as I wasnt aware that this was a glitch. I hope that you can take me by my word and chat logs and believe that this isnt some scam I made up to get an aura key. I was just wondering if I could get it reset, and if thats not possible, if I could at least get my aura key back as it would be my first

    Thanks, Appolpen
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    P.S. I dont really care about anything on the daily calendar except for the tokens, so thats why I might seem a little bit mad in this post because I was about to get the aura key.

    EDIT: Tokens and keys**
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