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    As Journey continues to grow it has become more and more apparent that a number of people have questions about our Builder position. Thus this post is here to answer the most common questions. Strap in, it’s going to be a long read.

    What do Builders do?
    Similar to the other positions on the network, Builders are volunteer staff members that spend their time communicating, designing, and creating for the entire network. It’s a heavily self-taught position that requires plenty of research regarding WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, and the people who receive the content. Members of the Build team selflessly spend their time on our dedicated build server creating content.​

    What are the perks of Builders?
    Fundamentally, Builders are involved in the creation of future content on the network. Be it simply a new build for the current functions of Journey or an entirely original creation developed by members of our upper staff. In-game wise, other than the Builder tag, our team members do not get any special commands, perks or blocks. Our work is strictly for the benefit of all the servers, not for personal use. With this in mind, it is common for Managers to personally ask for small projects for the region you play in.​

    How do I become a Builder?
    We look for people with an understanding of Journey or at the bare minimum, the server they play on. If you are a new player, spend time getting used to the functions of the server as well as the community behind it. We have very little interest in anyone with poor activity and behavior.

    With that in mind, build something! Of course we can not develop an opinion of your skills if you do not have something to show us. This will be what you use as your application.
    • Can I show you my singleplayer world or my work on another server?
      We have always made it our policy to avoid viewing anything off the server. Simply being that we would not be able to prove you made it or if you made it alone. Application builds MUST be on our network.
    • What should I build for my application?
      What you decide to create is entirely up to you and your strengths. Maybe something you consider cool, beautiful, difficult or functional. The context of the build is free for you to choose. General tips would be to include multiple elements to your creation, example: if you create a very nice home you may want to create the landscape around it.
    • Can I get creative mode to apply? Or materials?
      We simply cannot give players creative mode or blocks. That is just a fundamental rule to any of the servers. With this in mind you will have to manually gather your materials and place them. Of course any one of us that view your application will keep this in mind. In general it shows us great dedication to a project and to the network when you put the time and effort for a good application.
    What is required of Builders?
    1. The obvious requirement is creative Minecraft building skills, that should be understandable.
    2. Being that what we do is client based, we must be able to communicate with who we build for and the other fellow Builders. So as a requirement our members must have Skype and TeamSpeak.
    3. Another important requirement we have is good activity. With how much Builders can affect the network we must be able to produce content in a timely manner frequently. Fundamentally Builders are on the network very often.
    4. Generally members will have to learn how to adapt to certain necessities, such as learning unfamiliar programs, improving skills, changing designs and working with others.
    Do I need to know Voxelsniper and/or WorldEdit?
    Anyone who is applying is not required to know Voxelsniper and/or WorldEdit beforehand. We are well aware that most people are unfamiliar with the programs we use. However, it is required to eventually learn these programs and use them in the future. All current and former Builders learned and used these powerful and efficient programs.
    What do I do when I’m done with building my application?
    Once you consider your creation 100% done, you’ll have to put in an application; which will be located in the top right corner of our website. There you will fill in the required information to the best of your abilities for us to look over your application. Please give us time to thoroughly look over all the content you present us. Afterwards you will be messaged on our website with a Head-Builders’ response.
    If everything goes well and you impress us, we invite you to our build server. There we go over the second part of our application process, where you will have access to creative mode, WorldEdit and Voxelsniper. If you want to know further details regarding the second phase, you’ll have to get there and find out for yourself. =)

    Any further questions you may have you can ask staff here in the forums, in-game and/or on TeamSpeak.
    • Have a nice day everyone.

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