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  1. Hippydew (Cyrus)

    Hippydew (Cyrus) New Member

    Before I begin, I would like to point out that this guide is built to help people who want to know more about the art of breeding.

    Hello! I am Hippydew, a helper + gym-sub of Kanto. I am making this thread to help people with quite a confusing subject, breeding.

    The Road to Breeding!


    I: Background knowledge

    II: Setting up

    III: Environments

    IV: Ranch Upgrades

    V: Egg Groups

    VI: Enhanced breeding (IVs)

    Chapter I: Background Knowledge

    Breeding can be hard when you first start. Even I was confused when I first started. Lets jump in to what is breeding. Well, breeding itself is quite simple, a female and male making an offspring, easy as pie. The thing that gets people is.. well, How do we even breed? That's where I will help you. You will need to make sure you have a simple ranch block, a 9x9 environment, and a male and female from the same egg group! Now, this may be all overwhelming, but I will go over what all of those words I just said mean. Lets get started!

    Chapter II: Setting Up Your Breeding Station

    Remember how I said you needed a ranch block? Well, this is the first step of setting up your breeding station. How do you get a ranch block? Simple! You can either get a ranch block from our awesome vote crate, or make one yourself! Now, if you are in the mood to create a ranch block it is still very simple, there are three ingredients to making a ranch block: a PC, a flower pot, and a piston! Simple enough, right? That is the first part to setting up your breeder. Now you can check off the ranch block part of this! What is next you may be asking? Well, now you need to make a 9x9 environment for those specific pokemon. After that place the ranch block in the middle of the 9x9 environment. Simple enough. Now, I won't go into environments just yet but for now, just remember that! Then what is next is the 2 pokemon from the egg group, which I will also go over, and put them into the breeder.
    How do you know if you did it right? When your station looks like this!


    Once you have a setup like that, you have completed your station!

    Chapter III: Environments

    Remember how I said I would explain environments more? Well now is that time! Environments are what help the two love birds feel right at home. Each pokemon type have different blocks that go with them. Now, I could run through every block possible that goes to every single type, but that would take lots of space and lots of time. I will keep it a bit more simple for you guys. Now, the first thing to do is find the types of your two parents. So lets say you are trying to breed two Arcanines, that one is simple because all you need are blocks for fire due to they are 1. Both arcanines and 2. Only a single type (fire). So back to finding the blocks, one way to find the blocks is going to the pixelmon mod wiki. There, they have a little thread on the environments, I will help explain what everything on that thread is. Once you get to their thread you need to find the fire section, which should look like:

    Now you just completed the first step. You can see which blocks you can use! But now there is that value thing, what does that mean? Well, values are what can help speed up the process. You can see that Fire does the most, with a value of 3, that means you could speed up and make your station better by using fire! Simple as that!

    Now lets say you want to breed pokemon of two different types. Lets say a arcanine and a eevee. Now you are trying to breed a normal type and a fire type! So that means you are going to have to make half your station fire and half your station normal! It may seem tricky but it isn't once you know your environments. Now lets look at normal:


    You can see Cake does the most so it would be best to put cake to help normal! So on your 9x9 environment you split it up between cake (normal) and fire (fire). And then you have a breeder to breed arcanine and a eevee! Now you know environments and how to set one up!

    Chapter IV: Ranch Upgrades

    This chapter is quite short and simple. Ranch upgrades help increase your 9x9 environment. If you have 12 ranch upgrades, your environment can be increased to the max, 15x15. Increasing the surface area helps make it less time for the breeding process. This is what combines with the values to make it a short and easy breeding time. To obtain ranch upgrades you can get them from our awesome vote crates just like the ranch blocks or be obtained from bosses! That's all you have to know about these awesome tools!

    Chapter V: Egg Groups

    This can be a tricky subject, so I will try to explain it as best as I can, with the help of the very helpful pixelmon wiki. Egg groups are what divide the pokemon up and what pokemon can breed with what pokemon. Lets go to Sceptile's pixelmon mod wiki profile page. Looking at the right side in that box, all the way at the bottom you can spot a section called "egg group," there you can find the pokemon's specific egg group, for example:


    As you can see, Sceptile is apart of the Monster and Dragon egg group. What are the other poke in those egg groups you ask? Well, you can find out yourself on that one. But easy as that you can find what poke are in what egg group by just going to their page. Now, make sure you are breeding poke that are in his egg group, so lets say you try breeding a Sceptile (monster/dragon) and a Eevee (field), they wouldn't be able to breed! Due to the fact they are not in the same egg group. Now lets say you try breeding a Sceptile and a.. Dragonite... Success! They will breed because they are both in the dragon egg group! Now you know a bit more about egg groups and how they affect breeding!

    Chapter VI: IVs

    Are you the competitive type and looking to breed a super weapon? Well IVs are where that comes in. IVs are what contribute to the offspring's stats. The highest a certain stat's IVs can go is 31, so when all 6 stats are 31 the total you will have is 186 or 100% IVs. How do you get these IVs so high? Well, this part can be hard to some. Now lets start simple. Without the help with items, the offspring's parents can pass down 3 IV stats. So for example, out of the two parents, one brings their speed stat, and one brings both its defense stat and attack stat. Bam, those are the three IV stats that the offspring will have. So if the IV stat for the attack, defense, and speed were 31, the offspring would have 31s for them too! Now, lets talk about Destiny Knots. Destiny Knots are items that boost the 3 stats passing down, to 5 stats passing down! Incredible right! So now 5 stats from the parents are being passed down! So now we can say one parent now can bring his Speed and Special Defense, and the other is adding HP to go with his Attack and Defense! Those are the 5 IV stats going to the offspring! To help increase the percentage off the IVs you get, it is best to have already good IV poke so your offsprings can be even better! I explained alot on how to get IVs but not exactly what IVs do. IVs are added onto your already stats. So lets say you have a Gyarados with 360 attack, and have 31 attack IVs. That 31 is added onto your 360! So you will have 391 attack! Your attack is basically better! IVs can be very useful in fights.

    Pixelmon mod wiki (


    I hope this thread can be used to help people who want to learn a lot about breeding. I used to be in their shoes taking hours after hours of time trying to do stuff I thought was impossible. I want to share what I learned throughout my experience of breeding and share it to everyone from Kanto, Hoenn, Johto, Sinnoh, and Unova. I hope this thread was helpful and please give me feedback on it! If something doesn't make sense to you guys, or I missed something that you guys think should be added give me a shout and I will try to edit it to the best of my ability!


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    Stickied your post. Very helpful, thanks. :)
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    I'm glad I did something right, ^.^ Thank you!

    Edit: As soon as I say that I notice I messed up the poll, lol!
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    You forgot to mention when the mother lays the egg you must nurture the egg until it is able to hatch, only then you will be allowed to enslave it into battle.
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    Thanks for this guide~!!! Will be using soon!
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    This was extremely helpful to me, thanks for this lovely guide <3
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    Thanks for the guide! I hope all of the servers members recognize this guide! :D
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    Very helpful! I'll forward to using this as soon as I can actually get two Pixelmon of the opposite gender! :p
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    when i get into breeding im sure i can start helping people more
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    I thank you on behalf of all the people begging for breederial aid, this is a very welcome occurence in the forums and i am more than willing to encourage more threads like this!!!
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    Thanks! This guide is great :)

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