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    Hello Kanto Rioku your next Kanto Champ here wanting to toss some ideas around and hopefully create an area for brainstorming on how we can make Kanto the best server possible!

    I will be dividing my suggestions into sections to make this a little easier for people to go through. Please if you have any suggestions or addons to my and others ideas please feel free to speak up and contribute this thread is to make help make Kanto stand out and become the best server on Journey Gaming.

    Section 1: PvP

    1.1 Teaching Basics of PvP
    When it comes to pvp on our server I noticed its a shy subject for most. Also some people want to, but have no idea how to be successful at it. I am not 100% sure when I say this next statement or not if this exists yet, however I'd like to suggest we create a guide on the forums to give people an idea how to start. Teach them about Ev's, Iv's, and of course Natures. Give them resources, links, and other helpful info to teach people who have no idea where to begin. I would be willing to create such a guide myself however I fell I am not the most qualified to do so since my knowledge on advanced information may be limited.

    1.2: More PvP Events!

    Pokemon is a huge advantage we have when it comes to bringing people in so why not encourage it more? I'd like to see more PvP events.

    Possible event ideas: :

    Singles only Saturday : 6v6 lv 100 same rules we use already same Tiers
    Doubles Trouble Sunday : Double Battles any day doesn't matter, 6v6 lv 100 two pokes at a time. same Tiers, same rules
    Kanto Monthly Tournament : 6v6 lv 100 end of the month tournament for fat loot!
    Random Battle : 6v6 or 3v3 Random pokes given at random for temporary use for fun entertaining fights
    Little Cup Only : 6v6 with using Little Cup Smogon Tier list could be very amusing to see people try out this format

    1.3 Type Quiz
    An Idea I stole from Sun and Moon. Have a little mini quiz for people for small prizes. This quiz would do two things teach people the weakness of certain pokemon/ types, and remembering the pokemons' type from memory. This way people can have more effective knowledge on what attacks to use. I don't know about my fellow Gym Subs, but when I see someone try to kill something with the ability levitate or is part flying with a earthquake it saddens me a little.

    Ex of a type quiz question : Steelix is weak to what types? 15 seconds to answer at least 2 correct.
    Mr. Mime is apart of what type? Fairy pokemon are immune to what attacks?

    People that get it correct get points or we can do elimination. Most points/ Last one standing gets Rare Candy or a Champ Key.

    Section 2 Events/ Vote

    1.1 Event Explanations

    Present company included, I have had many people ask me and others what the events are and how to do them. I know this would be a pain in the butt for staff, however I feel we need to briefly explain the events before we do them so if any new people are online they know how to do it so they won't be frustrated and confused and then never want to do them even again because no one told them what to do or the rules. I personally have seen plenty of new arrivals come on ask what the event is and either be ignored or only have half a clue as to what to do. I know people who just refuse to do them because they are just lost. We really should explain it even though it is a bit of a drag to do every time.

    1.2 Voting Announcements
    Imagine you are trying to see what someone it typing to you and then BOOM! Voting spam in chat you now have to scroll up for a hour to find what your friend whispered you or see what people asked you. For real can we please add a way to disable the announcement function I personally don't care if Someone gets 100 loveballs I'd rather not know about it to be honest.

    1.3 Tm's in Vote Chest
    Why is this even a thing when we have access to all the TM's we could ever want? Is it possible to replace this with money rewards, pokemon, pokeballs, other keys, or heck even Paypoints for the Shop, Destiny Knot, Exp All, Ability Capsule, Legendary Transform items like the Mirror for the Genies, Potions! Anything but Tm's or Hm's maybe keep fly, surf, dive but the others we need to dump in the recycle bin. Also the unpopular option, get rid of the regular crate and just keep the others and make it so you get keys to those instead. Possible holiday keys for voting even?

    Section 3 General Concerns

    1.1 Nicknames vs Real Names

    Before I even start I just know this is going to get some hate, but for real please don't be offended if I don't know you by a nickname you picked last night and then get huffy when I don't know who you are. I personally don't understand the concept of nicknames and why we ban them at gyms for pokemon yet people nicknames are ok? Your banning pokemon nicknames for the same reason your nicknames frustrate people! Nicknames either need to have your name visible somewhere or not exist. I know I can mouse over and see your name, but why should I have too. If I need to know who you are I need to know who you are. Maybe more of a rant I know, but I don't see how this doesn't cause more confusion than it already has. Plus the idea of framing people is always a option for people to cause some chaos.

    1.2 Boss form Items
    I personally don't know how others would feel, but let me tell you a story. One day Vote party reaches 0 and all the people on the server cheer "Yay lets go get our legendary guys!" " I can't wait to see what spawns!" Everyone is at spawn since everyone camps it like vultures at 30 votes anyways. People are flying all over and then joey finds the legendary! "Guys it's at the Arbok Statue it's Landorous!" People are so excited to see Lando in all his glory, but wait what is this? Joey kills Lando.... for the mirror to change his other Landos form... "How could you!" The people scream and shout "I wanted that Legendary and you just kill it for fun?" Riot in the streets Joey is taken down by the mob and the admins could do nothing to save poor Joey. This is what is going to happen if we don't add other ways to get these boss form changing items or sell them in the Pokemart. I really don't want to see Joey get hurt. Please don't let this be a thing.

    1.3 GTS Rules
    Is there a way we can add a rule that states no eggs on the GTS whatsoever? I am so tired of seeing eggs up there filling up space. They put them up there for 1k-10k and I still don't understand why. If I told you I had a box and you could put your hand in the box feel around and if you wanted whats inside the box for $1000 would you do it? How about $10,000? Why not right, because now thats all thats going to be up there. Why should I sell pokes when eggs sell for more? Again maybe just a rant, but I see this all day and I can't wrap my head around it. One night I accidentally bought one when trying to buy a mon on the GTS for 8k what did I hatch? A 2 iv drillbur... hooray... Please tell me I'm not the only one annoyed by this?

    1.4 Pshout/ Pauc
    I don't know how many people have done this one, but I will admit I have bought something on the Pshout/ Pauc and did not mean too click it. I said it go ahead make fun of me I know, but when you buy a 1 IV magikarp cause someone was trying to be funny or see if someone actually wanted a terrible mon and then you misclick and are now buying this thing for 100,000k you will know the feels. To be honest I wish there was some kind of confirmation before placing a bid or buyout. This way we can avoid these nasty misclicks and possible disputes between players because of a misclick.

    If you made it this far you are a trooper and I appreciate your struggle. Please feel free to post your own opinions and share your feelings about these and other topics so the ones in charge know how we feel and what we would like to see. Hopefully I have given you all something to think about. Thank you Kanto thank you Journey I'm out for now will be back to see what others think.

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    this post is tako approved:cool:
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    anything will make Kanto better
  4. _Brokencrystal_

    _Brokencrystal_ Ex-Mod/Omni Sub

    am not a Kanto player, but am very happy to see any discussion of improvements for Journey in general :D
    sounds good. would like to see this as a Journey competitive guide, rather than just for Kanto.
    can't comment on the ones which already exist (at least, that I've seen). random battles sound fun in concept but you'd need admin/manager around for all of them, plus it might cause some anger if one person gets two legends and others have, say, wormadam and qwilfish. little cup sounds fun, only concern is that it's even less known of here than, say, Journey OU.
    not quite seeing how this would be run as an official event (perhaps you could elaborate on how it would work?), seems sort of small, like the chat's JourneyReact or unscrambles that Johto staff/players often do in chat. not that that itself makes it a bad idea, it's nice to see a fun game which would help with people's Pokemon knowledge, am just not seeing it as something significant enough to be put on an event schedule and run by staff only. then there's the proposed rewards, some players may feel that it's another event which only experienced Pokemon players can win and that it's unfair.
    Johto and Hoenn have instructions at warps (ex: Johto's /warp pic, Hoenn's /warp grass), as well as both staff and players who would be happy to answer any questions in chat about the events. if Kanto doesn't have similar sign boards with playing instructions at event warps, I absolutely support adding them.
    damn, Kanto must get a lot of votes LOL
    being serious, the most messages I can think of getting at once due to votes would be 11. 8 votes and one of them a milestone, giving 1-3 extra keys. then not everyone does all eight websites at once and, of course, not everyone hits legend key milestones every time they vote. though I also can't think of a reason it'd be important for everyone to always see the vote messages.
    anyways, you've opened champion and legend crates, right? and you've got stuff you didn't want from them, right? pretty much everyone has. getting things from crates you don't want/need is inevitable and adds to the joy when you do get something good. dknots are already in, assuming crates have the same rewards across regions. also, potions would be less useful than TMs, to be honest. there's /warp pc, Ace and up gets /pheal, people are nice enough to give Pro/Trainers a /pheal when they ask, especially since they could have a fainted team and have found a shiny or something. no comment on the other items. TMs at least sell for a couple hundred, most healing items are ... below 20? huh. I don't even know the exact price since I never use them and nobody else does, either. LOL
    if Pokemon nicknames at gyms are still banned on Kanto, it's outdated and they're now allowed on at least two other regions. Pokemon nicknames were originally banned at gyms because someone could nickname a Blaziken as Swampert, making the opponent use a Grass move, thinking it's effective when it isn't -- and no, you can't always see the opposing Pokemon, there are glitches and awkward camera angles. nicknames for Pokemon are now allowed on at least some regions due to the Pokemon sprite now being shown in battle. /nick, however, is a different matter. /realname has existed for as long as I've played and probably before. hovering over someone's nick to see their real IGN, something you acknowledged, should not majorly inconvenience anyone. it only takes a few seconds. and if someone gets annoyed because you don't recognise them when they changed their name, it sounds like they just get annoyed too easily.
    I've never in my 14 months of playing Journey seen anyone "frame" another person using /nick.
    uhm. I agree with having a different way to obtain Reveal Glass, Prison Bottle etc. but I feel this is rather the wrong way of going about it. whoever said "I wanted that legendary and you killed it for fun" would probably also be the one who's salty about how "unfair" it is that they weren't the one to catch it. speaking of "for fun", this is a game. catching it would also be for the fun of using it, or for selling it to make the buyer happy and the seller has money to buy other fun things. my own reasoning for having some other method of getting the form-changing items is that they're too rare as they are. is my opinion, though, I don't even hunt for or collect competitively usable legendaries on any server, so x3
    eeh. are you sure they're actually selling for more, or it's just people attempting to sell them for that much? honestly, a rule like this would become a general rule of "don't overprice or underprice anything", which is a little harsh for players who don't know the economy. selling eggs on the servers I play is much less an issue than people putting up, say, 53% non-ditto non-shinies for 15k because they don't know how much it should be.
    don't play on a server with /pauc or /pshout, no comment.
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  5. Rioku

    Rioku New Member

    First I wanna say thanks for reading through this _Brokencrystal_ I am surprised someone caught wind of this and read it so early haha. I appreciate your rather fair points, and enjoyed your feedback. You have given me a few things to ponder.

    1.1 Teaching Basics of PvP
    In response to the PvP events we have 2 that I have seen at least 6v6 singles lv 100 and 1v1 singles. We are half way there on Kanto! Maybe we could drop 1v1 for Doubles? Little Cup and Random would be pretty fun hoever your points are very true would be hard to balance them to ensure that people had a fair/ fun shot at wining. If we ever did these events I'd imagine they would be more for entertainment purposes than for any serious prizes.

    Yes your interpretation was correct it would be another event like name that pokemon with the picture hints, name that pokemon with word clues, and other small events that are done in chat for fun. Would be for something simple but still sought after like Rare Candies maybe. It's difficulty would be based on the ones asking to be honest to we could also make it so the first 3-5 to answer would get credit. This is something meant more to encourage people to learn typings and matchups more than a event intended to reward people that already know. Would be interesting concept I feel would appreciate some more insight on this. Trust me even I do not know all the typings by heart and occasionally get it mixed up. I still keep thinking Ttar is a ground type ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


    Yeah it's pretty bad at times. I think most people are just used to it and ignore it, but I personally find it preventing me from responding to others promptly or at all even.

    I stand by this personally since this is a reward from voting, beating gyms, vote crate, and obtained from the Pokemart. I mean cash would be better in my opinion at least then we could skip the process of going through and filtering what TM's to keep or not or skip all that together and make trips to vendors.I almost feel like TM's are another form of currency with how many I have lying in a crate becaues who know maybe I will need X Scissor. Also HM's don't sell at Pokemart and only 2 of them are worth anything the rest literally garbage. Unless you guys/ gals know something about Cut I don't. Oh also Defog is nice lets keep that.

    This please I need to nickname my squad. It just doesn't feel the same without it.

    Fair enough point again I feel like its more of a rant the nicknames can be very obnoxious at times with multi colors and alternating colors. Sometimes chat looks like a rave with how many colors are in it. [Rank] [Staff Position] [Nickname] The colors My personally favorite [Nickname] It's too much sometimes. Again probally just me, but surely this can be confusing to others as well.

    I think I need to clean this up. It was late and was trying to add a little humor to the thread. I would prefer an alternative way to obtain these items so that others could get a shot at legendaries and actually use them to their full potential. Ladorous is good, but Therian form is in a league of its own. I understand we want to make these items rare, but I feel like these items are beyond rare in their current state. We should have another form of obtaining them. I personally don't even have a legendary that is capable of transforming via a in game item like Meteorite, however that doesn't mean I don't see this as a problem. I would at least like to see it purchasable maybe raise the price on said items or increase the ways of obtaining them so players can sell them. Maybe via boss drops? Just some ideas please feel free to addon.

    Thanks again for your feedback I personally appreciate it. Would love to see others ideas and see some more ideas brought to the table even from other regions. This is our chance to express our ideas so lets use it!
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2017
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  6. EnderPika2497

    EnderPika2497 Vicious Pikachu of Kanto Staff Member Senior Mod

    Kanto isn't a bad server.
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  7. _Brokencrystal_

    _Brokencrystal_ Ex-Mod/Omni Sub

    Oh what, on Hoenn and Johto you can't do the rainbow-rave thing with a nickname. It's not allowed to have more than two colours, I thought that was Journey-wide.

    (personal favourite nick that I've seen is go_diamond, Johto helper and flying leader, as Diamond. or WisdomAssassin as Avocado, long story which I shan't explain here.)
  8. Rioku

    Rioku New Member

    Yeah that comment doesn't provide any kind of intellectual feedback. Also seems a bit negative if typed words could add in extra context I'm sure this was sarcasm. I agree with EnderPika Kanto is not a bad server at all and the staff puts in more effort than people think. I'm sure EnderPika could tell you about the work she has been putting in this week and how many hours she has sunk into for a project for Kanto. She and the other staff do that as volunteer work because they want to be apart of this community and not because the have to or they get paid too. This thread is for bringing ideas not negativity that provides no real solution or promotion of thought.
  9. EnderPika2497

    EnderPika2497 Vicious Pikachu of Kanto Staff Member Senior Mod

    You are correct. Only two colors are allowed. I personally haven't seen a player who has donated for the /nick that has the rainbow colors.

    I have a fairly long tag on kanto that has many colors in it. But I can't change most of them but I personally like how colorful chat is with everyone's nicknames.

    My full title in chat is:

    Normally though I have it to just Sassy_Umbreon but with Kantoween x3
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  10. Rumba1313

    Rumba1313 Kanto Manager Staff Member Manager

    I had responded to you in staff chat but I'll also post here to clarify a few things for anyone passing by to read this.

    "1.1 Teaching Basics of PvP"

    There are numerous guides online about pvp, some are event located on these forums such as

    As you can see, these were made by players, for players, so you're more than welcome to contribute and make your own guide, if you feel that these are not satisfactory enough for what players should know for some aspects of competitive battling. Also, most, if not all of the servers have numerous FAQ and other pokemon guides explaining ivs, evs, breeding, weaknesses, having gym leaders give pointers, ect. All things to help a person become better at pvp.

    "1.2: More PvP Events!"

    In regards to Kanto, we have atleast one tournament a week, and sometimes two. These range from little cups, mono types, pure types, team battles, tag team battles, and double battles. All of these vary in level caps to allow for players of different starting times and levels to play. However, I will say that when we do host these "special" types of battles, we have little to no participation with them (a max of 3-6 people entering). This is why we tend to focus on the OU lvl 100 6v6 type battles, as most people enter in these tournaments and we'd like to include as many people as possible into our pvp events.

    1.3 Type Quiz

    We have the Trivia event! Commands such as /weakness reveal not only types but also type effectiveness, weakness, and resistance.

    1.1 Event Explanations

    The mods explain the events before they're hosted, and if anyone has any questions about it, helpers and the remaining staff answer them.

    1.2 Voting Announcements

    You know... the spam isn't so bad if you join in the fun ;)

    1.3 Tm's in Vote Chest

    Tms in the vote chest are a good way for new players, who might not have the resources, to get certain Tms. There are plans in the future to cycle the tms a bit so it doesn't get stale, but as Broken Crystal said, you win some you lose some, that's what makes the chest a gamble and special. Plus, you also get money and other good stuff (Sometimes a legendary bird!) from voting, the keys just change things up a little bit from the normal vote rewards.

    1.1 Nicknames vs Real Names

    We don't allow nicknames in the gyms because in some instances, the pokemons do not show up properly on the screens for both challenger and gym leader. In some instances, texture packs can affect the little sprites that show up near the health bar, and if a pokemon mega evolves or other occurrences, the sprite ends up being a missing texture image instead of the pokemon. For the sake of both parties, we try to make it as clear and simple for everyone.

    Players donated for the ability to change their names for whatever reason. As stated in our store, they're not allowed more than 2 colors for their name and there is a character limit on the nicknames as well. All staff/donation ranks are also pretty mono-colored to prevent obnoxious rainbow spam in chat. If you're having difficulties figuring out who is who, /realname is available, and you can also just hover your mouse over their name and it will tell you their username.

    1.2 Boss form Items

    For the sake of a balanced economy, legendary form changing items will remain as is for a number of reasons. It helps keeps the number of legendaries on the server to a minimum if people are killing them for the item. It helps keep the item's value. For example, the meterorite and destiny knot is obtainable via boss drop and this item has no worth compared to the prison bottle. This is especially true because you can farm bosses very easily with increase boss rates at /warp training and boss spawners at /warp ghosttower.
    I personally see no difference if a person kills a legendary vs if they catch it and leave it in their pc for all of eternity.Either way, anyone who waasn't lucky enough to catch it are short of a legendary.

    1.3 GTS Rules

    Many breeders sell their "breed-jects" in the GTS. This gives many players the opportunity to get decent pokemon for only the time investment it takes to hatch the egg. It can also give them a head start into breeding, especially if they're new to the process. You can check an eggs stats by clicking on it before purchasing.

    1.4 Pshout/ Pauc

    I always recommend using the /pabid command instead of clicking in chat. Many times if you "bought the wrong pokemon" it was because you tried to buy a pokemon at the last second, but the server didn't recognize your last min. decision, and made you buy the next pokemon on the list. Pabid is a bit safer option to this, and also my advice is don't buy pokemon at the last second. You cannot "snipe" pokemon, as the server will add 15 seconds to the timer if someone bids.
    If you weren't planning on buying anything, and just clicked it on accident, you have access to the commands /pahide to hide any and all auctions from chat that you might accidentally click.

    Hope this was informative, Keep up the suggestions

    Rumba ~
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    Smh leaking staff chat ;)
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