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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by AbsolGasai, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. AbsolGasai

    AbsolGasai Active Member

    Upon a request in server to see who wanted to see what blocks added to the block shop, these were the answers.

    Packed Ice

    Packed Ice and Ice were actually suggested several times.

    Something else that I think would be nice to include would be magma blocks.

    A separate request would be to enable to nether so that players could make more complex villages and city systems where they use the nether for quicker travel/the easy aesthetic appeal/ nether quartz ore, etc.
  2. OkeRoy

    OkeRoy Member

    Hi Absol,

    Building blocks that are hard to get are constantly being added to the shop, it’s up to the admins and managers to decide. Now about the nether. If they would enable the it, it would cause unnecessary lag which is not what we want. There’s plenty of space to build in the overworld and i’m pretty sure you can get netherrack, glowstone and quartz in the blocksshop (atleast on Johto).
  3. AbsolGasai

    AbsolGasai Active Member

    Can't get quartz ore at all, regardless of how irrelevant it is, magma blocks can be ground from mobs with a large period of time taken to make even a single wall, and as my retort to the nether is: People lag? I can understand lag during events or when a bunch of people are online at once, but I honestly haven't heard anyone complain about lag in a long time in hoenn, so it's possible that either minecraft or pixelmon has reduced lag to the point where we could, in theory, enable the nether without making anyone's potato freeze or receive too much of a lowered FPS.
    (And if they don't raise ram/have a half decent pc/internet then that's their problem and incentive to upgrade, further encouraging capitalism tbh)
  4. OkeRoy

    OkeRoy Member

    As i don't play on Hoenn, i can't know if people complain about lag or not.
    But here on Johto, we sometimes do have some lag issues. They shouldn't have to upgrade their PC or fix their internet just because some people want to build in the nether. I simply don't think it's a good idea to enable the nether just so that people can build more but at the same time potentially losing players because it's too laggy.
  5. _Brokencrystal_

    _Brokencrystal_ Ex-Mod/Omni Sub

    Also small thing re the nether, no Pokémon spawn there anyway.

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