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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by PullpettiX_, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. PullpettiX_

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    Hi guys ! ;D This is my suggestion for the big tournaments that happen every month or so . So my idea is to let us players vote for which ones we want. The staff will choose 4 different types of tourney (E.g Ubers or OU or RU or some other ones. Then the link will display a week or 2 before the tournament showing 4 diferent or more types of tournaments. The players and staff will vote for which one they would like to be next . Of course , we can't have 2 in a row the same tournament so the 4 different vote able tournaments will be different then the past 3 or 4 tournaments that happened before.

    I hope you like my idea . Thanx for your time. o/

  2. Seankaiser1

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    Most of the servers have this. Large scale tournaments that are organised and hosted by the staff of said server.
    Sinnoh and Hoenn for example are having a cross-server Tag-Team OU Battle on the 15th of December 2018.
    This is an even larger scale tournament that involves two servers; allowing friends from different servers to battle together.
    But generally we have Tournaments such as RU, LC, NFE, Etc. with prizes and placements.
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  3. Next tag torney oh me partner side not play anymore mayble:(
    im can ask Galactic
  4. Mosapotayis

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    Great suggestion Pull, currently the Johto staff team is most of the time voting on which tournament it should be based on 3-4 different options. I've always wanted to do something like this but it's a bit hard getting the message across and avoiding repetetitive tournaments. I'll give this a try after December, so look out for a poll!

    Also next tournament on the 29th is going to be quite special so make sure you're here for it!
  5. Hockeykid33

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    Like Mosa said all the staff do vote on it. I am sure if you and a couple people wanted the same tournament (If mosa stays it as staff only vote) and they haven't done that tournament in a while mosa would happily add it into the possible vote. In my opinion the problem with letting people vote is that not everyone will be happy with what the options are and even if they let the people vote for the 3-4 that will be decided from there is always the problem that the same tournament will happen a lot (Example Standerd 6v6 OU). Over all I like the idea but I believe it is good as we have it. Like I stated even if mosa doesn't change it you can always suggest which tournament you would like to be in the vote and I am sure he would take it into consideration. Sorry for the late response :p
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