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    Because I don’t have permission to post links I had to add “(dot)” where the period should be, just replace that with “.” I also had to replace “:” with “(colon)”, revert these changes and the links will be accessible.

    In-Game Name: Itrikst4z

    Server: Johto

    Date of Ban: 21/06/2018

    Who you were banned by: Mosapotayis

    Reason of Ban: “Pokeradar”

    Why you should be unbanned: I am very doubtful that I will be unbanned so soon, but I can’t help but feel as though a permanent ban is unjust. The premise of my ban was that on the 31st of May I got kicked for attempting to join the server with a forked version of Pokeradar. This forked version contained no radar but still allowed the user to: See the ivs of pokemon, the gender of pokemon in eggs and which pokemon are in them (or would have done if it actually worked) Regardless, anyone can see that this mod would have been immensely useful for breeding, therefore I did try to obtain an advantage over other players that they did not have.

    Unfortunately, because I was not consulted prior to the ban I do not have a colossal amount of evidence proving that I did not cheat. As far as I know only me and Q were banned and we were banned for triggering the same kick message, on the same day, almost at the exact same time. The reason for this is that he and I both attempted to join with the forked version of pokeradar, why else would we both be kicked at almost the same time? You could present the argument of me using cheats, crashing and then trying to join back again. However, there are two flaws with this argument. #1 is that it doesn’t explain why me and Q both got kicked at almost the exact same time and #2 is a screenshot of my logs proving that I left, rather than crashing.

    (Screenshot of the logs showing I didn’t crash: http (colon) //prntscr (dot) com/k1n5i5)

    (Screenshot of the logs with the kick message: https (colon) //prnt (dot) sc/k1n7v0)

    After being kicked and the fact that the mod didn’t work I decided to scrap the idea completely and continued to play legit. I do find it hard to believe that I would be permanently banned for something like this, especially when the kick message says “Please join back after removing pokeradar” Suggesting that even if players did attempt to cheat they would not be banned. Therefore, the only logical conclusion is that you believe I somehow got the forked version to work and used it after this incident.

    Fortunately, throughout June, I was lucky enough to purchase multiple good legendaries. Luckily I took screenshots of their stats. However, screenshots of their stats might not be enough proof for some individuals as they could say “You logged off, removed the cheats and then took the screenshots” Therefore In addition to the pictures of the mons I will also provide my logs, showing that I did not log off and that the screenshots were taken at the time I say.

    The first screenshot was taken on the 8/06/2018 (EU date format) – https (colon) //prnt (dot) sc/jso9dt

    Screenshot of me being on at midnight and the date (Because the time was midnight and I did not leave you cannot see my mods as I didn’t join, however all of my logs can be provided upon request) – http (colon) //prntscr (dot) com/k1ng0y

    Screenshot of the time and date when I was capturing a photo of the tornadus’ stats – http (colon) //prntscr (dot) com/k1nhyx

    As you can see I never left the server and the date is the same, meaning that I did not have any cheats on the 8th of June. Unfortunately, I did not take a screenshot of legendaries every day, because finding someone willing to sell a good one is rare. However, I will reiterate: I can provide my whole log folder on request.

    The next time I took screenshots of legendaries was on the 9/06/2018 when I bought another good one. This time I did take pictures of more than one and I’ll be glad to show them if just one isn’t sufficient for whatever reason.

    Screenshot of the legendary – https (colon) //prnt (dot) sc/jsywne

    Screenshot of chat – https (colon) //prnt (dot) sc/jsywt9

    Screenshot of the date and time – http (colon) //prntscr (dot) com/k1nkv4

    Screenshot proving that I did not log off and that the picture actually was taken on this date – http (colon) //prntscr (dot) com/k1nlm4

    Coincidentally the last time I took a screenshot of legendaries was the day that I was banned.

    Screenshot of the legendary taken on the 21/06/2018 – https (colon) //prnt (dot) sc/jxos3l

    Screenshot of the chat – https (colon) //prnt (dot) sc/jxosao

    Screenshot of me joining on that date – http (colon) //prntscr (dot) com/k1npa3

    Screenshot proving that I did not leave and the picture was actually taken on the 21st – http (colon) //

    And to sum it all off, a screenshot of me getting banned – http (colon) //prntscr (dot) com/k1nr9m

    Overall, I definitely did make a mistake. I tried to gain an advantage over other players which would have made breeding trivial. However, despite this I do believe that I should be unbanned. I have presented all of the proof I can to show that I did not cheat and I’ll be more than happy to send you all of my logs privately. Furthermore, Rule 9 states: “Using hacked clients, X-Ray, Pokeradar, Veinminer or anything similar is strictly against the rules. Please remove them if you have it installed” I removed my forked version of pokeradar (granted it didn’t work) and I was still banned for the kicked message that happened a month ago. I can’t help but feel as though this doesn’t warrant a permanent ban (I believe the ban is permanent as I apparently have been removed from the tournament leaderboard and baltop), hopefully I have provided enough proof to show that I do not cheat. If you have any comments, queries, questions or concerns I will address them.


    After re-reading our brief pms it’s evident that you believe I used the normal pokeradar before I got kicked for attempting to join with the forked version. The only way for me to disprove this is to show you all of my logs, which hopefully you are ok with downloading/viewing. However, I am confused because there is zero evidence that I used radar in the past and I believe the only proof you have is the kick message? Moreover, it makes zero sense that I would leave the server, rejoin within 5 minutes and get kicked for changing nothing (Because you believe I had radar all along, whereas in reality I did actually add the forked mod, hence the kick). Also you said yourself that my alt account did not get kicked nor leave. If your logic behind me rejoining was a short break, then why wouldn’t I leave on both accounts? Ive spent a lot of time on this server, albeit most of it was spent afk, I didn’t want to jeopardize my progress and I thought that a version of pokeradar without the radar wouldn’t be bannable. In hindsight this was extremely naive because breeding would have become effortless due to being able to identify the gender of pokemon whilst they are in eggs. However, a key point is that I did not cheat, I attempted to cheat. I understand that attempting to cheat is still breaking the rules, but I do feel as though I should be unbanned at some point in the foreseeable future.
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  2. Mosapotayis

    Mosapotayis Johto Manager Staff Member Manager

    As I've stated to you previously, your ban is not permanent. Your ban is up til the 23rd of July.
    Don't use a forked version of a banned mod, Pokéradar is the name of the mod, not just the function that it has.

    Ban appeal denied.
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