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  1. Yaez

    Yaez New Member

    In-Game Name: Yaez
    Server: Unova
    Date of Ban: 2017/8/27
    Who you were banned by: I rly dont know
    Reason of Ban: THEY TOUGHT I ALTED
    Why you should be unbanned:

    Ok so lets start this long story but i will try to get as many details on my application as possilbe! First my friend SpearZ_ was at my house (LAN ofc its the same IP then!!!!!) he were using both MINE and his account to alt (kit monthly) which i did not know. After all of this happened he said he used my account to make it less fishy that he alted.

    btw he got all the rewards from the champion crate on his account. Since he were alting for himself but USED MY ACCOUNT to do it -,- so basiclly i got banned for nothing i never done.. my sould never done.. my heart never done!
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