Hoenn Ban Apeal/GotBanned New One fixed

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by WolfPackPlayz, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. WolfPackPlayz

    WolfPackPlayz New Member

    In-Game Name: WolfPackPlayz
    Server: Hoenn
    Date of Ban: 3/25/18
    Who you were banned by: Nasker
    Reason of Ban: Accused of pokeradar
    Why you should be unbanned: This screen shot was taken 2 seconds after I got banned I wasn't using pokeradar. When a legend spawns I run my usual route I look around on the bridge in f5 and if I see nothing real quick I run to place by the player champions in f5 using f3-B which shows hitboxes of all pokemon around me and when I was running I saw a hitbox in the water and then I looked a genesect pop out and I battled it. I admit I did use x-ray with f3-B to see threw the ground and see hitboxes better weeks ago but Nasker told me to stop using it and ever that day I stopped using it. I only catch allot of the registeel legendary tbh because it 90% of the time spawns at warp rewards. But I don't use pokeradar and I stopped using the xray ever since Nasker told me 2 the Genesect catch today was totally legit. But if you tell me using f3-B is not allowed Ill totally understand and will stop using it to spot pokemon better But other than that I'm clean.


    This picture was taken 2 seconds after my ban to show I wasn't using pokeradar
  2. Nasker

    Nasker New Member

    Thank you for your honesty Wolf, it has been taken into consideration and you have been unbanned.

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