Hoenn Baguette and Croissant

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    In-game name: Spacio
    Server: Hoenn <3
    Favorite Pokemon (if applicable): Sableye-mega cause of his toxicity, clefable is second for the same reason
    First of all, i'm french (so I live in France and I am not in the same time zone). I was bored of the lags and bad staffs on the french servers so I came here to see if english servers were better. Here, on this server, the staff is more active, the community is nicer and there is a lot of things to do so I think I will stay here for a loooooong time! In one week, I have beaten all T1 gyms, the mastergym and 2 T2 gyms with the almost the same team (I still haven't the last member so I used different remplacement pokemons). I don't speak english really well so I don't understand all I hear on TS so sometimes I ask to the person to repeat or write it, it's annoying but it helps me a lot :) Dharesh and skilly helped me on TS3, in the server too and I am greatful to them. The title is a reference to the first thing someone said me when I said I'm french, it was funny.

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