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    August News + Vanilla Update


    Hey everyone! More and more news as the months go by! We have a lot of updates to go over, but first is a brief recap of what has happened over the last month. In regards to pixelmon, that was addressed in a prior post, a link will be posted at the end where you can read our statement too. The biggest thing we want to make clear, is that our network won't be shutting down, and neither will the Pixelmon servers. In-fact, a few of our servers have updated to the next version of Pixelmon: 5.1.3. You can download this version on technic! An install guide will be posted at the end where you can download the latest version of Pixelmon. The network also recently released Survival! Survival is our newest addition to our Vanilla servers. Survival features the classic feel of minecraft along with our own unique twists! Make sure to give it a try!

    Our network will be expanding even more into Vanilla servers. Tomorrow August 6th, our next vanilla server Creative will open! On the creative server, you will be able to build whatever your heart desires in your designated plot! The Skyblock server has been working on fixing many bugs and problems over the past few months, and a lot of revamps have come underway. On Sunday August the 13th, Skyblock will be re-released with all the new revamps! After that, we plan on releasing Factions and Prisons, so stay tuned for more announcements regarding these servers!

    We hope you are all as excited about the new servers coming out, like we are. You will be seeing many new builds and features created for you all. Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion below for anything you want to see on our network in the future! See you all on the server!

    Handy Links:
    Install Guide Pixelmon 5.1.3:
    Install Guide Pixelmon 5.1.2:
    Twitter for news and updates:
    Our Pixelmon Statement:
    Art Credit:
    Checkout more of our Artist's work & follow her on twitter
  2. Vidz

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    Hype for factions!
  3. StarEnglish

    StarEnglish New Member

    cant wait until creative tomorrow! woop!
  4. Porytune

    Porytune New Member

    I want prisons! :D

    i want to be free from mosa pls help me
  5. Sjeng111

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    Where is the changelog on Technicpack launcher Pixelmon Reborn? (Where can i see the changes of the update) and How many times will the pixelmon servers on journeygaming update, Every single time there is a new version?
  6. Sjeng111

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    On Technic Pack Launcher, it says Pixelmon Reborn is now, can you still play on Journeygaming with this version? OR i mean, how can I download pixelmon reborn 5.1.3, bevause now is on technicpack now, How can i download 5.1.3 now?
  7. Porytune

    Porytune New Member

    Yes Sjeng .3.
  8. Sjeng111

    Sjeng111 New Member

    Really? So if i download i can play on Johto Journeygaming?
  9. Sjeng111

    Sjeng111 New Member

    Ok ty
  10. Rumba1313

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    In regards to the questions about "5.1.3",

    This is the general name given to the update that brought Xerneas, Palkia, and the other legendaries. The updates you're experiencing on "-Pixelmon Reborn - " are minor improvements and optimizations to improve gameplay and fix bugs (in titan weedle we trust). You can still play on our 5.1.3 servers with the labeled I always suggest you update, if the pack prompts. The managers of your servers will let you know when a large update is coming and when it is required to update.

    Johto and Hoenn are still on 5.1.2, and playing on 5.1.3 on these servers is not recommended. Things tend to get weird.

    I hope this answers your questions.

    Rumba ~
  11. Porytune

    Porytune New Member

    so bold letters :eek:
  12. BrownBoyyy

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  13. Tom25W

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    Hype for Prison :)
  14. joeyXsenpai

    joeyXsenpai New Member

    When is Johto updating to 5.1.3?
  15. talulajadeuk

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    Looking forwards to future updates :)

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