April Mid-Month Update

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    April Mid-Month Update
    Just a quick update on what's going on the network within the next few days! Tonight April 20th Kanto and Johto are updating to the newest version of the Generations Modpack on Minecraft Version 1.12.2! Everything except for Ranks and Pokemon have been wiped, as there are many new blocks in this new Minecraft Version! Expect to not have all the same features available as your current 1.10 server, features will be returning within the next couple days/weeks as everyone accomodates to the new update! Again, if you haven't updated your technic packs, make sure to update them to the latest version for Pixelmon Generations!

    Tomorrow April 21st, is our first Cross Server Tournament with Hoenn and Sinnoh! Tournament starts at 3pm, so make sure to signup before then! Remember all participants get a participation prize! Good luck to all of you and make sure to represent your server!
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