Journey April Community Day!

Discussion in 'Events' started by Maggie, Apr 27, 2019.

  1. CitizenSal

    CitizenSal New Member

    In-Game Name: HitmonSal
    Server: Hoenn
    Favorite SuperHero/Villain: Team Magma, sorry I’m not into Marvel or DC no hate :(
    Pick an animal to transform into: Dragon. I just love Dragons :3
    Favorite Video Game: either Pokemon GSC or Crash Bandicoot. Childhood staple games
    Where would you like to travel to?: North Korea. I’ve had a weird fascination since 2016 and I just want to visit to see how surreal and backwards it all is.
    How did you find Journey? I remember playing factions elsewhere back in 2015 and my faction was talking about Pokejourney and pixelmon. Sadly they don’t play anymore but I’ve been on and off ever since, but mostly on now XD
  2. Quang

    Quang Member

    In-Game Name: QuangQuang
    Server: Johto
    Favorite SuperHero/Villain: Petyr Baelish
    Pick an animal to transform into: Panda
    Favorite Video Game: Animal Crossing
    Where would you like to travel to?: Singapore, South Korea or Japan
    How did you find Journey?: Google
  3. AsparugusLolol

    AsparugusLolol New Member

    In-Game Name: AsparugusLol

    Server: #JohtoGang

    Favorite SuperHero/Villain: Mosa (Oh, he doesn’t count?) Hmm, then I guess I’d have to say Deadpool, since he fits the Hero and Villain tag

    Pick an animal to transform into: Flying Squirel. No question about it

    Favorite Video Game: Minesweeper - it’s great for when I get home from a day of school and I want a low energy game that still keeps me awake.

    Where would you like to travel to?: It would have to be Paris. I love baking, and the French make some amazing things (and boy do I need some help - my crêpes taste like heaven but look like trash

    How did you find Journey?: Alright, time for my story of my stupidity - I gotta played on a server for about 2 years, and took a 6 month break. Came back, typed the IP (think our IP but with a different letter then J). Turns out I misspelt it, but decided “well, maybe they rebranded.” I played for a few nights, and was immediately hooked
  4. Maggie

    Maggie Owner Staff Member Owner

    To everyone that replied here, wanted to apologize for not having your rewards out sooner, there were some important things going on IRL for me and didn't get the chance to distribute prizes out from not having time and not being here. Please expect all your prizes this weekend for sure, so make sure to have your inventories somewhat cleared by Saturday! Please spread the word, and again wanted to apologize for the long wait.
  5. TheProjectMiner

    TheProjectMiner New Member

    In-Game Name: TheProjectMiner
    Server: Johto
    Favorite SuperHero/Villain: Probably blackpanther (just because I like his suit)
    Pick an animal to transform into: A sloth because there life seems very peaceful
    Favorite Video Game: Overwatch/Minecraft
    Where would you like to travel to?: Bora bora
    How did you find Journey?: ThatBoyChris (great guy)
  6. HoboNebula

    HoboNebula New Member

    In-Game Name: HoboNebula
    Server: Johto
    Favorite SuperHero/Villain:
    The Thing from TF4
    Pick an animal to transform into:
    a sheep because they big and fluffy
    Favorite Video Game:
    TF2 and Dragon quest
    Where would you like to travel to?:
    I don't like traveling but if I had to I would maybe pick Greece (Athens)
    How did you find Journey?:
    I got lucky :D

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