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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Oh_Dean, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. Oh_Dean

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    In-Game Name: JoNothin
    Date of Ban: 04/23/2018
    Who you were banned by: Riddik
    Reason of Ban: Knew about an Exploit. Didn't tell Anyone about it and getting drunk while being gym leader

    Why you should be unbanned: Hey and yes I am making another ban appeal because I really miss the server, and what I did or was apart of was pretty bad. I agree the ban was Necessary just hoping that I could get unbanned from the whole server, I miss playing with everyone. I am Sorry for all the trouble I caused in the past with all the stuff that happened on Sinnoh and TeamSpeak. I am truly sorry and if I do get unbanned I will not be causing any trouble, or be apart of the group I used to be apart of. Really hope I get unbanned to play on the best server.
  2. Rumba1313

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    Appeal approved.

    Rumba ~
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