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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by xXGOD01Xx, Oct 2, 2018.

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  1. xXGOD01Xx

    xXGOD01Xx Ex Hoenn Staff

    Ign: Gawdddd
    Server: Hoenn, network and discord
    Date of ban: august/september
    Who were you banned by: Lav and future
    Reason of ban: "breaking basic chat rules and staff/player disrespect"
    Why i should be unbanned: so since my last appeal it was made clear to me my ban was for the reasons stated above. When it comes to breaking basic chat rules the worst i ever did was light character dragging in a playful way. From my times as a staff member on hoenn i understand a warning should be issued and then a short mute, it can progress to a more severe mute if necessary. I recieved neither of these prior to my ban so it baffles me how this lead to my ban. If i did something more severe i would appreciate seeing screenshots of what i did so i fully understand what i did. Moving on to the staff and player disrespect, i would understand if people found me disrespectful, i didnt mean to show any players a lack of respect. A personal moral of mine is to always be respectful to everyone unless they dont show me respect, its how i was raised as a child. If i was disrespectful towards staff it was most likely due to a lack of respect i was shown as a player. As an ex admin i understand that all players should be treated equally and there opinions should be respected. A lot of disrespect i was shown was from the higher up staff of the server, from my understanding higher up staff like mods, admins etc are what players look up to and they uphold the servers image. From my time as admin that is what i was led to believe these statements and since my past as an admin was brought up and i was told should mean i know all this so i thought id make it clear for you that i do understand this stuff. However i also know the punishments that should be handed out with these problems and they dont add up. Now while i say this i do hear a canadian screaming at me telling me that it wasnt just a couple of times it was multiple times. So with that in mind a reasonable punishment wouldnt be permanantly banned from the network and the servers discord server, at most a temporary ban would make more sense. In an extreme scenario a perma ban from one server would make more sense.
    So i ask you this was this ban because of something bigger that wasnt stated when i was "told about my ban" if so i would love to know the exact reason along with proof in the reply section of this thread or is it just a personal attack on me an ex admin that is now hated by the higher ups of hoenn.

    Failing to say what ive asked for tells me im right, which yes at the end of the day could mean ill remain banned but at least i will know that im right.

    Just as a little closer for you all i know im not a lawyer or anything but you just got lawyered....
  2. Lavster

    Lavster The Wild Snorlax / Hoenn's Manager Staff Member Manager

    Hey Gawd, thanks for re-appealing, however your ban appeal will be denied for the following reasons:
    - In terms of breaking chat rules, you did more then just lightly character dragging and filter evasion. However, after being muted for small instances, you continued to break these same rules on a repeated basis, thus lengthening your mutes overtime while neglecting obvious warnings from various staff members. I do apologize if your taken aback by that even though the warnings were issued on a daily basis to you, by multiple staff members.
    - In regards to Staff/Player disrespect, there were cases in which you were rude to players (who I will not name for the sake of anonymity, however you were spoken to privately about these, as mentioned in your last appeal), and refused to listen or respect the warnings issued by staff when breaking the rules of the server
    - As you mentioned in your appeal, you were apart of our staff team as an Admin, and I believe that it is fair to have a certain level of expectation from previous staff members when it comes to following server rules, whether it be on Teamspeak, Discord, or ingame. Any form of abusing old permissions instead of reporting them to a Manager could be considered as exploitation, which becomes a key factor in determining the severity of a punishment as well.
    Internal screaming dies down, in any case, I'm glad you foreshadowed my response, but unfortunately your appeal will still be denied :(
    Case closed, and have a wonderful day o/

    ~Thread Locked
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