Johto An elo based laddering system?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Panzerfaust_, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. Panzerfaust_

    Panzerfaust_ New Member

    Everyday I've played so far, I at least see 2 people posting in chat "anyone want to battle 6v6" or something along those lines, I was wondering if we could make an arena or something, for the people players who want to test their teams against each other. There could be an NPC where when you interact with them, they will put you on a waiting list, and when another person also signs up they will be paired together an be able to battle. Back when I was playing on an older server (this was 1.7.10) I would be able to click on the arena NPC, then go back to my base for breeding, and would be teleported instantly into a battle once someone else wanted to battle as well.
    I realize we don't have too many players, but this would just be a cool feature.
  2. fuzzbuns555

    fuzzbuns555 New Member

    i agree that would be extremely awesome
  3. PullpettiX_

    PullpettiX_ New Member

    I agree i would really love that to happen, i am usually the person who asks for 6 v 6 :p
  4. Yeh

    Yeh New Member

    I too would love to see this implemented. A warp for such a thing could also be added in. As far as ELO is concerned, I also love this idea, being a competitive battler myself. Although, some people may want to test new ideas that they are still working out and for those people an unranked que could also be added. Would be nice to have an OU, UU, etc kind of ladder system.
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