Johto Aj 無敵 or Shuy About me uwu! <3

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  1. Aj 無敵

    Aj 無敵 New Member

    In-game name :
    Aj 無敵 (Japanese: Invincible) or Ign : Shuynazu

    Server :
    Johto Region

    Staff Position (if applicable)

    Just a typical trainer yanno <3

    Favorite Pokemon (if applicable)

    Charizard X (shiny) or Umbreon (Shiny)

    Sex :
    Male & Straight

    Relations :

    Age :


    Interests :

    League of Legends, Minecraft, Anime & Mainly sleeping.

    Origins :

    Minecraft was my first game I ever played when I received my first laptop. All i did was play on a Survival Server for months. I was into Pokemon, so I played on a pixelmon server called "Pokeballers", as server that Lachlan the Youtuber Owned. It was released into Beta and i was glad to be apart of it. I was 13-14 at the time so getting staff wasn't easy because everyone was older & more mature and for as long as i played, I got only up to Gym leader & Helper. when it was first released, somewhere around 3-4 months in Beta I grinned so hard on the game, until there was bugs and glitches that made people pokes disappear so ended up quitting many times. Once region 2 came out, it was a lot more active, more people and non bias people willing to give everyone a chance to play. It was great, i came back a lot older, a bit more mature and a great mindset on knowing how to do competitive battling. After years of playing on Region 2. I've accomplished a lot, learning how to be a good battler, becoming a good staff member to the community and leaving a remark with tournaments being held & just being a socialize person overall. It made a huge impact in my life. After I quit because of school, I tried coming back on Region 2, but it never worked out. Therefore I moved onto a server called "Johto" which was a remake, I ended up getting staff first because of my unique skill of typing fast, answering questions as always trying to beat the other staff members. I ended up quitting again just because of school, grades weren't high, so school became more important, after a long quit, pixelmon just died to me, and all i ever played was League of Legends & showdown time to time. After my friends showed me this server, I would love to bring back that experience to Pokemon and Minecraft Building/survival life again. Sorry if this was a lot, to read, might take a bit of mins to read but it took me like 5 mins to type uwu <3

    About me :

    I'm a college student who plans to go to University of San Diego or University of Irvine but currently I’m taking a semester break. I've recently started watching a lot of anime & I enjoy it. I’m a open book, I’m also well minded, and I’m an easy person to have a nice conversation with! Don’t be shy, Hmu or anything :)) I don’t bite uwu
  2. Welcome to Server nice meet you
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    Wow! You should go to school with my friend, FrostyxPhoenix! He's a great guy with a big heart!
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