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Discussion in 'Shenanigans & Spam' started by Sky_kun, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. Sky_kun

    Sky_kun Ex-Hoenn Senior-Nerderator

    Here's a simple one. As the name of the thread suggests, there are acronyms. You will make a sentence with the given acronym! For example if the acronym is Potato, then it would be:

    People Obviously Take After Their Originator.

    Try to keep it PG, obviously.

    The first acronym is...

  2. Firegirl20

    Firegirl20 Member

    Jackals on Uranus rarely never eat yogurt
    Try Mew
  3. Tunesical

    Tunesical New Member

    My ego weeps

    Now try Porygon
  4. Firegirl20

    Firegirl20 Member

    Pretty Oval Red Yaks Go On Neptune
    Now try Mewtwo
  5. Tunesical

    Tunesical New Member

    to wake this thing up,

    My egg with the whale objectified

    Now do the word Smell
  6. EnderPika2497

    EnderPika2497 Vicious Pikachu of Kanto

    Smol Maggie Escaped Lav's Laboratory.

    Now try Rumba
  7. zLightningz

    zLightningz Member

    Oh, gosh, let's see...

    Running under my big anaconda

    How about Shocked?
  8. Tunesical

    Tunesical New Member

    Some hawks over castles killed eagles dry

    Do GitGudKid
  9. zLightningz

    zLightningz Member

    That makes no sense.

    Good information technology goes upon diverse kids in dreams.

    Don't Contradict me
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2017
  10. Firegirl20

    Firegirl20 Member

    Im guessing the red word?
    Cats on neverland try riding awesome delibirds in cat towns
  11. Firegirl20

    Firegirl20 Member

    Try Awesome :O
  12. zLightningz

    zLightningz Member

    A Wet Egg Sometimes Omits My Ears

    Try DontEatTheOreo
  13. The_Pyro_Fox

    The_Pyro_Fox Member

    Hmmm. Thats a hard one. I'm going to break it up into multiple.

    Don't over Nerf Tyler. (Don't)
    Even a Tad! (Eat)
    Tim hacks EA! (The)
    Ohio Round-up Enthusiasts Organisation. (Oreo)

    Hey it's multiple acronyms... but still!

    Try: Kommo-o
  14. zLightningz

    zLightningz Member

    Knifes on my math... Oh... Ok

    Whoever replies to this post next, use your name excluding numbers
  15. Firegirl20

    Firegirl20 Member

    Ok so ill do my forum name, Firegirl20
    Friends inspect really energetic girls in red lobbies

    Try Happy Mew Years!

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