Johto Able to sell "useless" items?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Parasite, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. Parasite

    Parasite New Member

    So there's a massive variety of stuff you can sell in the game , so I don't understand why I can't sell items such as the meteorite and amulet coin, which are both absurdly useless [unless you somehow get a deoyxs and I don't actually think he spawns in pixelmon.] but for some reason don't even sell for one poke, and yet still drop from boss mobs, and commonly enough that if I don't make constant trips to a lava pit they start clogging my boxes.
    I don't see a reason as to why items like this can't be sold, seeing as how they're in the game just being completely useless.
    Even COOKIES sell for something...
  2. OkeRoy

    OkeRoy Member

    Hello Para,

    The reason why some items are not sellable to NPC’s is because they’re either mostly sold to players or used for something. Meteorites are (as you may know) sold to players for about 5k and the Amulet coin is/was used for the npcgyms. The amulet coin gives you more money from the npcgyms if you beat one. If you’ve used the pokemon that’s holding the amulet coin for atleast 1 round in battle only then it'll work. Hence why it’s not sellable. The reason cookies can be sold is because otherwise the train warp gets cluttered with cookies which we obviously do not want.

    I hope this helped :p

    - Roy
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  3. Parasite

    Parasite New Member

    No one I've met on the server I'm on hasa deoxys and thus has genuinely no interest in the meteroite, making it inherently useless, and because there is NO more npc gyms, the amulet coin is useless.

    I hate to sound rude but your response just genuinely proved my point as to why they're useless...
  4. Parasite

    Parasite New Member

    Just checked and Deoyxs doesn't actually even spawn. So the likelyhood of someone spending the 25 bucks on one and THEN spending 5k on the meteroite is a tad bit absurd.
  5. OkeRoy

    OkeRoy Member

    As i said, NPC gyms will be coming back soon so the amulet coin can be used again. As for Deoxy's not spawning, it spawns with vote party's. Now, just because an item is more useless than the others it doesn't mean it instantly needs to be added to the sell list. We can't just add everything that has less use than other items to the shops as that would make earning money even easier.

    You can always drop a book with your idea in the Suggestion nox at /warp pc since it gets checked every few days.

    - Roy
  6. _Brokencrystal_

    _Brokencrystal_ Ex-Mod/Omni Sub

    im not exactly active any more so forgive me if im mistaken here but: you can put items into the sell list for 0 so its at least easier for people to clear their inventories, there was some kind of berry i forget the name of that always sold for 0.
    also i thought mosa told players it wasnt even guaranteed that npc gyms will be using money rewards or did that change
  7. OkeRoy

    OkeRoy Member

    Not sure if the money will be the same wat it used to be back then. But you can indeed sell items for 0$ to Npc’s
  8. Parasite

    Parasite New Member

    But you cant with amulet coins and meteroites is what im saying lol
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