5.0.3 Update

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    5.0.3 Update
    Hello! Pixelmon 5.0.3 is out! Last week we updated to 5.0.2, however, Pixelmon just released a quick fix for all the bugs you may have seen on 5.0.2! All our servers are updating today throughout the day (March 27th) to version 5.0.3, so make sure that when your server updates, you also update your mods! If you use the pixelmon launcher, just edit your profile and select the new mod. Pixpacks will be updated tonight. For minecraft launcher, put the new mod in your mods folder and remove the old mod. Make sure to check how much RAM you have allocated to your pixelmon, as RAM settings may have reset on your launchers! See you all on the server!

    Handy Links:
    Install Guide: https://goo.gl/pLVa2s
    Install Video: https://goo.gl/2tzM3O
    Pixelmon Mod Download: http://mirror.pixelmonmod.com/core/5.0.3/
    Forge Download: http://adfoc.us/serve/?id=27122863720850
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    since update evrey time i joined a server it crashes please help me please
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    Maybe you didn't install the newer version.
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    Go to Pixelmonmod.com go to downloads and download the newer version 5.0.3
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    Everything seems spectacular!

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