20% Valentine's Day Sale + Love Keys + Zodiac Keys

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    20% Valentine's Week Sale + Love Keys + Zodiac Keys
    Happy Valentine's Day and Lunar New years! Today we will be starting our 20% Sale in our Shop! All ranks and more are on sale, excluding for event items. Returning to our Shop, are our Love Keys, Love Grams, and Zodiac Keys! Our Love Keys have pink, red, and cute pokemon! Different Lovely and Angelic Pokemon, cute legends and Pro, Ace, and Elite ranks! Our Survival server also have Love Keys! In those you will find things such as Cupid's Bow, Spawn Eggs, Money, and more!

    Also returning are "Love Grams"! Do you secretly admire someone or have a friend you really would like to send a gift to? Well now you can by sending them a love gram! All you need to do is select "Love Gram" in the shop and type in your friend's username correctly! The love gram will send 1 Love Key, 12 Love Balls, 12 Rare Candies, 12 Red Roses, and a Heart Mail that wishes them a "Happy Valentine's Day" All of the grams are sent anonymously so your friend will never know its you! Please make sure that if your friend plays on another server, that you buy the Love Gram on that server!\

    The last key returning are the Zodiac Keys! Our Zodiac Key contains many pokemon that are related to all the zodiacs, red and gold colored pokemon, as well as plenty of dog like pokemon for the year of the dog! Volcanic Auras and legends, and pro, ace, and elite rank are possible to get too! Survival also has their own key named Lunar Keys! You can get Dragon Heads, Spawn Eggs, Spawners, and more! Good luck!
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