20% Halloween Sale and SpooKeys

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    20% Halloween Sale and SpooKeys!

    Happy Halloween everyone! Starting October 20th at 12AM EST until the end of the month, we will be having a 20% Halloween Sale in our Shop! On our Pixelmon servers, you will also see the return of SpooKeys! Our Spookeys have Halloween-themed Pokemon in the crate! All pokemon in the crate are shiny! You also have a chance of pulling: legendaries, auras, Pro-Elite Rank, Halloween Aura pokemon, or a key to use at the Halloween Aura Crate! Good luck! Make sure to also keep an eye on the forums for a special Halloween Forum Event! See you all on the server!


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    Checkout more of our Artist's work & follow her on twitter https://twitter.com/pigeonbirb/
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    Wooo! Been waiting for this!
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    ayy finally I can spend all my money again!

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