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20% Valentine's Week Sale + Love Keys + Zodiac Keys
Happy Valentine's Day and Lunar New years! Today we will be starting our 20% Sale in our Shop! All ranks and more are on sale, excluding for event items. Returning to our Shop, are our Love Keys, Love Grams, and Zodiac Keys! Our Love Keys have pink, red, and cute pokemon! Different Lovely and Angelic Pokemon, cute legends and Pro, Ace, and Elite ranks! Our Survival server also have Love Keys! In those you will find things such as Cupid's Bow, Spawn Eggs, Money, and more!

Also returning are "Love Grams"! Do you secretly admire someone or have a friend you really would like to send a gift to? Well now you can by sending them a love gram! All you need to do is select "Love Gram" in the shop and type in your friend's username correctly! The love...
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February News

Happy February! January has gone by super quick, and now for an even shorter month with only 28 days! This past month we've had some major changes on the Pixelmon side. We introduced Pixelmon Reforged to our Network! Hoenn and Sinnoh both changed pixelmon versions to Minecraft 1.12.2 and changed over to Pixelmon Reforged. Kanto and Johto have stayed on generations but have updated their servers when updates came out!

This month expect a few events both on your server and the forums! This month there are 2 events: Valentine's Day on February 14th and Lunar New Years on the 16th! We will be having a sale for the events as well as the return of our Love Keys and Zodiac Keys! Our Love Keys contain cute, pink, and purple pokemon. Our Zodiac Keys are red or gold colored, along with a few pokemon that represent the zodiacs. Our survival servers will also be...
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Hoenn and Sinnoh Update
Hello everyone! As some of you may have heard, Hoenn and Sinnoh will be updating to Minecraft version 1.12 using Pixelmon Reforged! Pixelmon reforged is a Pixelmon Mod version developed by some of the original Pixelmon Developers. On Monday both Hoenn and Sinnoh will be switching over to this new version. Of course with that it means that there will be a few changes.

Its been over a year since both Hoenn and Sinnoh both went through Map Wipes and Pokemon wipes, so come the update they will be clearing pokemon data and the map. 1.12 includes new blocks and a few new features, so the safest thing to do would be to make sure map and data are started fresh. Anyone who has donated in the shop will be getting back all items purchased, including: Ranks, pokemon, and keys. It will take a few a days for everyone to get back ranks and items,...