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April News 2018

Happy April everyone! We just wrapped up our Easter Sale this past month, however our Easter Keys will remain available for another week or so! Make sure to grab them before they go back to the vault until next year!
This month we have a few big things coming up. As some of you pixelmon generation players know, there recently was a release for 1.12 Minecraft or Generations 2.0.2. Please wait until further notice from your managers on Kanto and Johto for information about the update. You are more than welcome to try the update for yourself, however our servers have still not updated yet! Another big event coming on April 21st, is our first ever Cross-Server Level 100 6v6 OU tournament between Hoenn and Sinnoh! Train as you normally would on your server, then the day of the tournament, your data will be transferred to our Tournament server! Our first place...