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Vanilla Update + 50% Vanilla Ranks Sale!

Hello Everyone! Skyblock has officially been revamped! With this revamp comes a stronger foundation for adding new features and custom content in the future without a hassle. With this revamp, Skyblock is brought into the fold as being the 3rd Vanilla Server on our network with Global Donor Ranks. Global Donor Ranks currently are shared across Creative, Survival, and Skyblock. Any new vanilla servers, such as Factions which is currently being worked on, will have Global Donor Ranks already implemented at launch. To celebrate, we will be increasing the sale for Vanilla Donor Ranks and Vanilla Donor Rank Upgrades to 50% for the remainder of the Summer! We look forward to seeing your feedback and criticism as we continue to push forward with new content!
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Skyblock and Pixelmon Updates!
Hello everyone! We have a lot of updates that happened recently on both our SkyBlock Server and a few Pixelmon Servers! Yesterday August the 13th, our SkyBlock Server was down while it underwent through a lot of revamps! It is now open to everyone! Skyblock has also changed their Rank System to fit the Global Rank System we have on our other Vanilla Servers. If you were a player on Skyblock previously, you will get your ranks back as well as the items that come with it! Through out the next few days you will see features being added and bugs being fixed! We hope you enjoy our new and improved SkyBlock!

On pixelmon, you might have seen that the following servers: Kanto and Sinnoh have updated and switched over to the Technic Pack named Pixelmon Dark. Our network will be listed in the server list on this modpack. With this...
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August News + Vanilla Update


Hey everyone! More and more news as the months go by! We have a lot of updates to go over, but first is a brief recap of what has happened over the last month. In regards to pixelmon, that was addressed in a prior post, a link will be posted at the end where you can read our statement too. The biggest thing we want to make clear, is that our network won't be shutting down, and neither will the Pixelmon servers. In-fact, a few of our servers have updated to the next version of Pixelmon: 5.1.3. You can download this version on technic! An install guide will be posted at the end where you can download the latest version of Pixelmon. The network also recently released Survival! Survival is our newest addition to our Vanilla servers. Survival features the classic feel of minecraft along with our own unique twists!...
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Pixelmon 5.1.3 Update
Hey everyone! We have some exciting news for the Pixelmon Servers! Over the next few days, you will see some of our Pixelmon Servers, starting with Kanto, update to the next version of pixelmon! You can only join using the Technic launcher and the modpack, which will be linked at the end of the post. Brand NEW pokemon have been added to this version, and MORE pokemon and features will keep being added in future updates! Our server is apart of the modpack server list, so make sure to look for Journey Gaming in the Multiplayer list! If you are not sure on how to install, please refer to the links posted below! See you all! Make sure that if you are from Kanto and Sinnoh that you update now!
Handy Links:
Installation Guide:...
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Introducing Survival!

Hello everyone! We are glad to announce the opening of one of our new Vanilla Servers: Survival! A lot of you have been waiting for the release, and this is the first of the few Vanilla servers we will be opening! On survival, you get to enjoy original Minecraft with our own unique touch to it! You'll see marketplaces, in-game ranks, mcmmo, pvp arenas, and much more! As time progresses, more features will be added so there is always something new to enjoy! The server is now open to everyone! See you there!