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Journey Network Update


Hello everyone! This is a really important News Post, and while it could be kind of long, try to read it all as it involves the future of the network and impacts you as a player! Don't worry, its all good news :)

A few nights ago, Pixelmon released a statement that they will no longer continue development on the Pixelmon Mod, as The Pokemon Company sent them a Cease and Desist. This means that there will be no more updates and the latest version Pixelmon version 5.1.2 is the last one. This is honestly an announcement that came as a big surprise and shock to everyone in the Pixelmon Community. We understand that a lot of you are upset, worried, or have questions on what will happen to the Network and to your servers. Right now we have decided that we will continue running our Pixelmon Servers for as long as we can! At...
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July News


Happy Summer friends! We have two important newsposts going up today. This one is a recap of the past month and what is to come! Fourth of July Sale information will be posted next! This month we have had quite a bit of progression on some of the features we have on our server. We held some major events such as the talent show and build competition. Within the next few days, our Pixelmon Servers will be upgrading to the latest Pixelmon 5.1.2. July 4th is also Johto's 3 Year Anniversary! Make sure to vote as a new month has started and there is a Primal Key reward for the top voter! Continue reading to see further details!

Daily rewards were released on our Pixelmon servers for players...
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Pixelmon 5.1.2 Update

Our Pixelmon regions will be updating within the next few days to the latest Pixelmon 5.1.2 release! Schedule of update times is posted at the end. With the update comes a lot of bug fixes in battles, megas, etc that many of you experienced when our servers updated last time. Tournaments and gyms will be available to resume as normal! Make sure to start your downloads for the latest version. Our Pixpack will be updated really soon. Our Installation guide which is linked below, has also been updated. Always make sure that your Launchers have atleast 3GB of RAM allocated to help your minecraft be able to launch pixelmon and run a lot smoother.
Update Schedule:
Kanto: July 3rd Time: To be announced
Johto: July 5th...