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Pixelmon 5.1.1 Update


Hey everyone! Today our Pixelmon Servers will be updating to the latest Pixelmon Version 5.1.1! Johto will be updating at 9PM EST. Sinnoh will be next at 10PM EST. Kanto and Hoenn will be the last to update at 11PM EST! Keep an eye on your server broadcasts for any further details! Make sure to start updating or editing your launchers by replacing the old mod with the new one. Our Pixpack has already added 5.1.1, all you need to do is update it. Our installation guide (linked below) has updated aswell if you need step-by-step instructions! Always make sure to have...
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25% Summer Sale and Summer Keys!


Hello everyone! Everyone has been waiting for this announcement! All Summer long, everything in the shop (excluding Event Items) will be 25% off! Buy a rank, some keys, pokemon, whatever your heart desires!
Summer Keys will also be available summer long on our Pixelmon Servers! All Pokemon in the crate are Shinies! The Pokemon are Summer/Water/Beach themed and includes popular favorites! There are also various Auras such as Spectral, Angelic, Volcanic, Solar, and Lovely! Shiny, Aura Legendaries and Ranks are also in the crate! More information is available in the picture below! Happy


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June News


It's Summer time!!!! So many exciting things coming up to the network over the summer! We are super excited for you all to see them! Also this Saturday is Sinnoh's 1 year Anniversary! We have already released the first few upgrades already this past month. We got a new website and a new hub! If you have any suggestions for the website make sure to comment below. Also make sure to explore the hub and try completing the three parkours! Last month, Unova also upgraded from Pixelmon 1.7.10 and joined the other pixelmon servers to Minecraft 1.10.2! Achievement perks were also released in the past few week. Make sure to earn points to use in the achievement store to unlock some cool rewards such as pixelmon disguises!

We have a few new things coming up...