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20% Thanksgiving Sale and TurKeys


Happy Thanksgiving! Tonight, November 17th at 12AM EST until November 28th, we will be having a 20% Thanksgiving Sale in our Shop! Everything in the shop (except for event items) will be 20% off! Our Thanksgiving event keys: Turkeys will also be returning to our shop! All pokemon in the crate are turkey/bird related, or are what you would feel on thanksgiving! There are only shiny pokemon in the crate! You also have a chance of pulling legendaries, Auras, Pro-Elite Rank! Good luck! There will also be something special coming up the day after thanksgiving, so keep an eye out! Gobble gobble!
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November News

It's November! The year is almost coming to an end and a lot of holidays and events are coming up soon! This past month, Pixelmon Generations had a update with small optimizations and new pokemon! Our Vanilla servers had a few updates, with the addition of the much awaited Player Markets on Survival! The last two weeks of October we had our Halloween Sale and SpooKeys in the shop that have ended a few nights ago.

This month we have a few events that will be going on. This weekend a new event will be released on the forums, that we are really excited for. The creative contest for this month, is moved for next month, so we get a chance to use the planned theme! If you haven't received your Halloween Forum Event reward (SpooKey), please message me privately on the forums!

For those who are not familiar, in the US we have the Holiday called Thanksgiving,...