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September News

Hello everyone! Summer has finally come to an end and many of you are starting to come home from vacation or return to school! Many exciting things happened over the summer on Journey. Our 2 Summer Sales have finally come to an end after being up for 3 months. Journey saw the opening of 2 new Vanilla servers: Survival and Creative. Our Skyblock server also had a reset with many of its features improved!

On Pixelmon, Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova got major updates with the latest Pixelmon Dark version! Hundreds of NEW pokemon were added into the game along with more pokemon planned to be added in soon. At the end of this post there will be links directing you to the Installation Guide or the Technic Pack where you can download Pixelmon Dark! Using the technic pack is the only way to obtain Pixelmon Dark. If you get any errors or mod rejections trying to...
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30% Labor Day Weekend Sale!

Just a quick Sale update! This weekend, we will be bumping up our Sale to 30% for Labor Day weekend! The 50% Vanilla Rank sale is also still available in the Shop! On Tuesday the Summer, Labor Day, and Vanilla Rank will all end! All prices in the shop will return to normal. Enjoy the sales!