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May News 2018

Its May! This past month we had a few things going on! We has our first cross-server Tournament with Hoenn and Sinnoh which was a great success! We saw many players participate in this big tournament and have lots of fun! Thanks to everyone who participated, hopefully we'll have another one in the future!

Kanto and Johto also updated their servers to Minecraft 1.12! Both servers recieved map wipes but players got to keep their pokemon. Both servers are still in process of moving or restoring features within the next few weeks, so you might still notice a few things missing. If you were a donator, you get back some items from your purchase (flysuits) if you haven't gotten those, go to your server's donator help area and throw in a book with what rank you purchased.

This month we have a sale planned for the end of the month, so watch out for that if you're...